UT: Sushi investigation nets seafood fraud convictions

The article unfortunately does not name names.

There are names at the end of the article

No, people names.

DNA testing I have to laugh . I would suggest a FTC testing next time . And what about the crab ?

If you’re eating a lobster roll or, in other words chopped lobster meat mixed with some sort of mayo-based dressing along with some vegetables (like cucumbers or carrots), encased in sushi rice, and wakami, and then dipped in perhaps soy sauce and/or wasabi, you’d be hard pressed to discern the difference between firm tofu from lobster meat, or if there was any lobster meat at all.

Of course, some might say “well, if you’re gonna dip LOBSTER in mayo AND soy AND wasabi and a bunch of other stuff, why the hell are you using lobster?”

which is an entirely different question than not getting what you’re paying for, but still.

Most ‘lobster’ tacos are generally langostinos, which are close enough to lobster if there’s lots of other stuff going on.

If I pay $15 for a lobster roll, though, that’d better be REAL lobster.

Are you sure about that? Langoustines are more expensive than lobster in my experience. I also prefer langoustines to lobster all day any day.

Yeah, I’d be pretty surprised if that was true.

There were a bunch of articles about this a couple of years back.


The economics of that may have changed since, but I’m pretty positive the lobster taco coming out of most food trucks is definitely NOT maine or spiny lobster.

I think the price of lobster vs langoustines may have flip flopped since that article was written in the 2006 and more. Especially here in the US. It’s more like $8-9/lb for lobster vs $30+/lb for langoustines.

In Europe where langoustines are more abundant I think lobster may still be more expensive.

Our local Pacific Spiny’s are in the $35/lb to $45+/lb range. Currently Catalina OP is selling live Spiny Lobsters for $40/lb, and they typically have some of the best prices!

<" I also prefer langoustines to lobster all day any day.">

Not even close IMO. Our local lobsters are head and shoulders superior to longastines in both taste and texture! Though I would never desecrate such high quality lobster meat by mixing with mayo, soy, wasabi, etc., in a sushi roll.

Here is a more recent Bon Appetit article. Good for you since lobster costs half of what langoustine costs. More for you and more for me. Win win :smile:

Have you ever seen that truck on Rosecrans in Point Loma (just down the hill) with a sign that’s always advertising lobster for something like $10/lbs?

Wonder what kind of lobsters he (or she) is selling.

Major Market has them right now for $10/lb. Theirs are live Maine. I think I paid $9/lb at Seaside Market the day after Thanksgiving. That is usually the best deal I have found up in No. County.

“Langoustines are extremely perishable, which means if you see one on your plate, it was likely overnighted live from some remote, inhospitable place. Why live? Because as soon as langoustines die, their delicate flesh begins to “autoconsume,” turning black, mealy, and disgusting.”

When was the last time you found or even saw fresh langoustines? I’ve only ever seen them frozen.

That article was comparing them to Atlantic lobsters I still think our fresh local spinys are sweeter and better. And our spiny’s seem to be more in demand judging by their higher price point.

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haven’t seen it. Don’t know what they are, but I’d bet you they aren’t live Spinys.

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In London 3 months ago and in Spain 5 months ago. The point being langoustines are more expensive than lobster and I doubt anyone is substituting langoustines for lobster per lectroid’s original post. Not even the frozen ones.

Going to NYC this weekend. Looks like they have fresh ones at the Eataly there also.

Actually Porthos, fast food chain Rubios faced a lawsuit for substituting Langostinos in place of lobster in their tacos and burritos and still calling it lobster. I think they paid a fine and had to change all the descriptions. They are now calling their items Langostino Lobster Tacos and Burritos. Not very tasty IMO.

And again, our local Spiny Lobsters are more expensive than Langostinos.