Uyghur Cuisine

Friend’s writing a book about set in Xinjiang and wants to get intimate with some Uyghur cuisine. Looks like Omar’s Halal or Silk Road Garden should do the trick?

Anybody have any preferences? Any particular dishes worth getting?

There’s also Mas’ Chinese Islamic Restaurant down in Anaheim. I haven’t made it to Omar’s yet, but Silk Road Garden and Mas’ are both good, with my nod going to Silk Road Garden.

I don’t recall exactly what I’ve ordered over the years, but in general I get some kind of lamb and noodle dish, and then ask the server if there’s anything they recommend that day.

Ahh thanks for the heads. Anaheim may be more convenient for us!

There’s an Omar’s in Cerritos as well if you do not want to head up to SGV.

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Thought they were closed temporarily for renovation? Or is the work completed already and they’re re-opened for business?

dunno, but they’re open until 9:15pm today.

Lunch at Omar in SG the other day.

salad, simple but really nice with the Sichuan pepper, even made the cardboard tomatoes taste good

lamb noodles, expected more chile and Sichuan pepper, otherwise tasty, great texture to the noodles

two of the four lamb skewers, best thing we had, great value

meat pie, kind of soggy and greasy, would not order again

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Kashgar Grill opened up a few months ago in Irvine.

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The last time I had the (lamb) meat pie at Omar, it was soggy and greasy too, yet had a very good flavor. My favorite memory was of Mr. Omar being patient enough to enthusiastically chat with me trying out my first year Chinese. Their yogurt is another thing to get.

There are a couple of other good Uighur places now, Silk Road Garden and Mr. Lamb, both in Rowland Heights though and much further out.

Should’ve gotten the rice pilaf if you were there today. It’s a weekend only thing.

Would have, but it was Wednesday.

mr. omar? munrie is a woman.

her brother runs the restaurant in cerritos.

I know. I assumed it was her brother (or husband). I didn’t get around to asking. I saw her the first couple of times I ate there, but he’s always been there.

Love the plov.

you do get points for referring to omar and not omar’s!:slight_smile:

although they gave up with the cerritos branch, i think the official name is omar’s.

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According to Yelp, the Cerritos (well, Artesia actually) branch is still open. As an aside, geez Tony, you lived in that area and didn’t know when you were in Artesia? :wink:

Whoever the fellow was, he’s always been there when I’ve visited and he was nice about chatting with me in Chinese, even though 我只知道一点中文 (then again, that isn’t that unusual).

Just look at the convoluted borders between Cerritos & Artesia - It’s no surprised most locals don’t know when they are in which city…


yeah, but when you’re not 中国人 you can speak as poorly as possible and still earn cultural points.

All you need to know is 你做,我吃.

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Don’t forget 你洗碗 …