Valentino Groupon?

What the ?&$#%???

What’s the problem?

I thought Valfntino was one of the higher rated restaurants in the LA area. Not somewhere one would expect a Groupon deal. I must have missed a few memos.

reputation don’t pay the bills.

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Valentino has been offering these types of deals for years now. I see them pop up on Travelzoo, Groupon, etc all the time. They’re far from the “it” restaurant in LA and need to drum up business however they can.

That’s what I get for living in South OC.

You lucky duck - You’re so close to Kawamata Seafood.

I used to work five minutes from Kawamata but they close around 5:00, so it was kindof difficult.

The poke craze is now running wild down here. I’ve counted three new places in the past few weeks. Two in Dana Point alone. And Gelson’s sells a pretty good plain ahi poke (both spicey and non) for I think $15.99 a pound.

Gotta check them all out soon.

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