Vancouver - "cheap" dim sum

Okay, right off, I’ll tell you that I don’t think dim sum SHOULD be expensive. I won’t go to Yank Sing or Koi Palace in SF cause I consider those prices obscene. Also I’ll let you know that we have dim sum for breakfast. You know, like, 9AM??? And the price should be about $20 for two. Should we head to Chinatown rather than Richmond? Any guidance would sure be appreciated. TIA.

I’ve gone to Sun Sui Wah on Main st. in vancouver. It’s a apparently the most ‘famous’ place for dim sum (not to say ‘best’, just something of an institution as I understand it)

Going for lunch with a coworker, I think we got out around $15pp including tax/tip (that’s canadian $$). no drinks but tea

I don’t recall just what I had there, nothing too out of the ordinary. Everythiing was tasty and the fried stuff was done VERY well. no grease. Just crunchy and crispy. The chicken wings were memorably delicious.


And I see they have geoduck which I’ve never had!!!

We were at a Belgian !!! place for dinner last night and one of the staff who is Chinese recommended Dai Tung for dim sum.

Here’s the map:

This may be the best or one of the best dim sum we’ve ever had. I’m sure part of that is due to it being menu rather than cart, Everything came out hot and fresh. A kindly lady pointed out to us that on weekdays and non-holidays everything is 20% off if you present your check before 1130AM. And if you mark your order sheet down in the bottom left corner you get a special salted chicken with rice dish for $1.98 With our discount that came in at about CA$20 plus tip. This is an attractive place in a little strip shopping center…that actually had some parking!

eggplant stuffed with shrimp past (an insane amount of shrimp paste)

XLB which I don’t normally order at dim sum but read good things about it and it was good. Unfortunately it didn’t have the soy with ginger slivers but there were plenty of other ‘jus’ to use.

Tofu skin stuffed with shrimp paste

The rice flour rolls stuffed with beef and cilantro was especially good. The beef wasn’t ground too finely which made a difference.

The portions were large to the point that we brought enough home for another meal. I can’t recommend this highly enough.

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We hit up Floata in Chinatown after visiting Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden for seafood Dim Sum…
It was good but we heard we could of done way better…

Make sure you go to Vij’s for some of the best Thai beside Lotus of Siam in Vegas!

I’ve read about it but we may run out of time. I’ll check to see if they do lunch. Thanks.

ETA: They’re dinner only, no res…and they’re Indian not Thai :slight_smile:

We liked this place so much we ate there on our way back home yesterday. Just as good. This time we had the spare ribs which had cubes of squash underneath. The most tender we’ve ever had. ----oops, that photo didn’t work.

Also tripe and tendon in a “special sauce.”

And tofu skin stuffed with pea shoot and shrimp paste and fried.


Oh my…I don’t know why I have this mental block on Vij’s…
I know it’s Indian but I’ve made this mistake before.
It is delicious Indian and worth waiting in line…

My bad…

Love Caffe Artigiano for some of the best cappuccino and espresso this side of Europe.
Next to Fairmont Downtown…