Vancouver choices, near the convention center

I’ll be attending a conference at the convention center in about a week (staying at the Fairmont Pacific Rim), and I’m hoping for some good meals nearby. I’ll have several multi-hour intervals of free time during the week, and don’t mind short bus rides, although some places within walking distance would be nice.

I’m particularly interested in fresh fish, simply prepared, as we don’t get much of that here in Vegas. Something along the lines of Pier 76 in Long Beach, The Fish Market in the Bay Area and SD, or even like CA Fish Grill in the OC. Other cuisines OK too. Good breakfast places, and comfort food like meatloaf and potroast would be nice as well. Not really big on Cantonese, and don’t eat sushi at all.

I’ve seen the other two threads, but am hoping for more suggestions.


Nobody home?

sorry, don’t know a whole lot about Vancouver - just went for the afternoon and evening before an Alaska cruise this summer and once a decade ago.
But I can recommend
Wildebeest for breakfast/brunch was excellent (did not have dinner but it looks like it would be great for that as well)
Bella Gelateria