Vancouver - Quick visit - 2 lunches and a Sat night fun bar scene

Probably will have time for a late Saturday snack/light lunch and a decent Sunday lunch before hitting up a cruise to Alaska. Don’t need any of the city’s amazing Chinese food which I have had before. And dinner Sat night is spoken for by my host (yakiniku).
Staying Pan Pacific Hotel.

I recall an Indian that was highly praised on my last visit some 10 years ago.

A great oyster bar might be perfect for Saturday…
Sunday? Bauhaus maybe…
What about a Sat night bar?

I don’t know anything about Vancouver. But I and probably others would love to see your Vancouver and Alaska reports. No pressure though :wink:.

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Here are some of my humble recommendations. I listed these out in that other Vancouver thread following my last visit, so you may have seen 'em already. Hope it helps.

  • Blue Water Cafe - I had a great dinner here. The seafood tower was really good. The miso-glazed sable fish is such a good dish. Almost too sweet at the beginning but it tempers out and is very rich. Fish was cooked perfectly. They also have an oyster bar.
  • Kingyo - People mentioned this as one of the good place for Izakaya. I went for lunch, so you could do this on Sunday, as well.
    Prohibition Bar - The environment is enh to me, but I had an Inception Negroni, which is a negroni inside of a negroni!
  • L’Abattoir - I had a great dinner here, as well. Though, I don’t know that it’s anything unique to Vancouver, and you can find comparable restaurants in LA.
  • Bella Gelateria - Not for a meal, but for a post or pre or both. Their gelato was so freaking good.
  • Vij’s - This is the Indian I always hear about. I tried to go once with a group, but since they don’t take reservations, it was going to take too long to get a table, so I still haven’t had a chance to eat there.
  • Rodney’s Oyster House - Also haven’t been here, but I gather that it’s a good spot for oysters.
  • Nando’s - It’s a fast-casual Portuguese chicken chain that I grew to love when I was living in London. They have a Vancouver location, which I didn’t realize until I saw it from the cab en route to the airport. Rats! Just thinking about it makes me happy. It’s not fancy or anything, but if you want a bunch of chicken and a bunch of sauces, you can’t go wrong with a cheeky Nando’s.
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Bauhaus is a solid choice if you’re craving German food. Two of my fave resties Mission and L’Abbatoir are open for brunch on the weekend. Unfortunately, Vij’s is not.

We had a nice drink at the Alibi Room, but think we were there on a weekday. It was pretty mellow, so not sure how it would be on a Saturday night.

My fave distillers suggested visiting the fine folk of Long Table Distillery. Check hours first (they may be clunky).

May want to invite grayelf from CH into this discussion. He’s a helpful and responsive poster whenever we come to town.

Bon voyage!

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what gave it it away?

Thanks cc!

Call it intuition.

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Vij’s is totally worth the wait. (And as restaurant waits go, it’s a pleasant one! Because they ply you with drinks…)

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Where did ya end up going?

In Vancouver not much we did is worth shouting out
B+ dim summery in Richmond and a B- Yakiniku place downtown (we were a huge group). Both names are not worth mentioning.

Breakfast at wildebeest was excellent - would probably like dinner.

Bella Gelateria was declared excellent by my companion.

Belongs somewhere else but Tracey’s Crab Shack in Juneau was amazing.

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I thought it was excellent, as well.

Thanks for the report back! And the good news is, looks like you can order from Tracey’s online… Tracy's Crab Shack Store – Tracy's King Crab Store


LOVE Vij’s!!

Really enjoy Vancouver…great coffee, Asian seafood and the bar scene in the gastown…

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Just adding a very late note to this thread for future reference

Fanny Bay Oyster Bar on Cambie downtown.

They are part of the fanny bay oyster co. And happy hour is buck-a-shuck. They also have a specially brewed oyster stout for those of you who like that sort of thing.

Kumamatos are often available as well for about $3 ea.

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Nando’s sounds super. Maybe something to take back on our drive to Seattle.

Just booked Wildebeest for dinner. The whole menu looks terrific and we’re both suckers for sweetbreads :slight_smile: Thanks for the rec.

Gotta make that happy hour. Thanks again, lectroid.