Vancouver Recs!

Hi!!! Wanted to ask for Vancouver restaurant recommendations. I already have a few bookmarked, and we have Published on Main reservations for their tasting menu. Thoughts on This restaurant?

Here are a few ideas after scouring this forum… any other recs of memorable places… specifically that we can’t find in LA?

Mackenzie room
St Lawrence
Savio Volpe

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You’re not interested in dim sum?

Vij and st Lawrence are both delish!

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We have so much dim sum here in so cal! Is it remarkably better ??

The SF Bay Area has better dim sum than LA, and Vancouver has better dim sum than SF.

Paging @chandavkl.

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The canto/dim sum scene is at another level compared to LA.

Chef Tony
Fisherman’s terrace
Golden paramount
Chefs choice

They are all well regarded.


Thank you!! Will have to definitely check it out. Is Chef Tony the same one as here that’s in Pasadena??

Same Chef Tony. That’s way the Arcadia and Pasadena branches are relatively disappointing. Everybody expected more.

Vancouver is the original Chef Tony. There are other threads covering Vancouver already on this board. If you haven’t already done so, the search function is helpful to look at these posts.

MacKenzie room and Savio Volpe both amazing. Loved Farmer’s Aprentice too Sad Lawrence is closed when we’re there but need to make a coupe of reservations. Thinking about Fiorino, Homer St, Carlino, Ask for Luigi, L’abbatoir. Seems nobody cares about Chambar anymore. It was cool a decade ago.

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Vijs not super upscale but very good and very fun when we were there.

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Had a nice piece of sablefish at L’Abbatoir. Came with a couple dungeness spring rolls on top that might have been lily-gilding but that was kinda the vibe. Good cocktails and wine list.

Was drawn to the simple menu at Homer St. Cafe. Had a burger and a 1/2 dozen fanny bays. Burger wasn’t great and I may have gotten a bad oyster. The belle epoque decor couldn’t dispel the fundamentally corporate energy of the place.

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Just saw this Michelin piece.

Nowhere near enough Chinese.

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Is that unusual?

Throw me a couple recs plz

Am I canceling my Homer lunch ?

Maybe skip the burger and the oysters.

Had lots of fun at Guu izakaya on Thurnton last night. Fantastic sake, tofu, black cod. Mind blowing spot prawns. Had to get a second helping of sashimi