Veg ramen ramen hood

Saturday afternoon. I was thinking Ramen hood to try their veg broth. But might be too busy on a Saturday.

Any other favorites for veg ramen around LA? Any one tried Afuri and the Hazel nut broth?

This place exists. Cannot personally comment but 884 reviews at 4.5*’s has to mean it’s good to some people.

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rakkan ramen in little tokyo (DTLA | RAKKAN RAMEN). i think this is better than ramen hood, but mid-level when compared to non-vegan places…


Been a while but I enjoyed the Hippie Ramen at Tatsu last time I had it.

I’ve eaten at Ramen Hood about ten times. The sunflower seed broth is very good. I wish the noodles themselves were more al dente.

The avocado toast and ahi “tuna” crisps are excellent. I highly recommend.

I haven’t tried Rakkan Ramen. Afuri is probably a cut above, but I’ve only been there once.