Vegan friendly central Los Angeles

Anyone have some vegan friendly recs for dinner.

Doesn’t have to be pure vegan but enough that a vegan person might have options. Looking in the corridor from Culver City across the 10 to downtown. I would prefer to venture less north if possible but I have drawn a rough map for reference thanks!

Surawon in Koreatown has vegan options.

Never been to the Los Feliz location but I like Seabirds for a vegan restaurant.

I love taking the 405 La Cienega exit!


Coming off the freeway and the stretch coming down from hahn to Venice blvd can be such a nightmare!

I don’t want it to be totally vegan cause I have to eat too!

Also should have clarified it’s for a bday so a nicer spot with drinks and vibe.


Little Fatty.

They have vegan, drinks, and vibe.

And I would like to visit in the coming months so I need a update


all more north tha. you might like…
pizzeria mozza
night+market song

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Thanks seems that there’s only a few things that are vegan on pizzeria mozza’s menu :frowning:

Olivia might be one. Have you been? How was it?

Alta Adams, Flavors from Afar, Lalibela (ask for oil instead of butter).

i thought mozza had the most options so far besides olivia? (pane bianco, panzanella, polenta fritti, baby eggplant, zucchine a scapece, jimmy nardello peppers, gelati, you can always ask for a marinara pie)

olivia is the best vegan-wise, simply because it offers the widest range of vegan options - all of the other places are more constricted in that the vegan options are heavily weighted to vegetable dishes, as opposed to having appetizer/main options. but for non-vegans… it’s still good! but the playing field is not even.

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It did! But didn’t seem to have anything too substantive other than panzanella and baby eggplant/zucchini which I think is hardy enough for a meal for one person.

Does anyone know if Baar baar downtown has vegan offerings? Looking at the menu a lot of things seem like they could be vegan but its hard to tell.

Carousel in Hollywood has some great vegan options, and lots of non vegan stuff too.

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Yeah. Lebanese/Armenian or Israeli are awesome choices for vegans. I’ve historically preferred Marouch to Carousel, but our last delivery from Marouch seemed to show a decline, and I do like Carousel.

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