Vegan Sausage McMuffin at Locali

I recently tried this thing, which is apparently pretty highly rated by Zagat, and recently Eater picked up on it.

It’s actually pretty damn tasty, great textures on the sausage, and cheese (both fake of course). Since it lacked any dairy, I actually randomly got it in an order of food last week when feeling somewhat sick and it somehow left me feeling pretty health afterwards. It’s definitely the best tasting healthfood vegan sandwich I’ve come across thus far in LA (or anywhere really). It’s sweet with the maple, but not overly saccharine, a tad spicy with the chipotle, and oddly has a great gooey/cheesey texture despite being vegan. The whole grain muffin and "sausage also provide a nice heft. I’d rather eat the thing than pretty most other breakfast sandwiches, and it’s available all day, pretty neat. Probably cool to impress out of towners with or something at a least, haha

Anyone else ever try it? Have any thoughts? Similar sandwiches that remain undiscovered in LA?