Verde y Crema - Tijuana

Had a lovely four-hour lunch there yesterday. Great casual rustic-elegant atmosphere, very pleasant on a Tuesday afternoon, most of the time there was just one other party and a couple of people who came and went at the bar. More people started showing up around 4:30. I think all the other customers were rich Mexicans. Friendly and polished service.

I forgot to ask what that cracker thing is. Seemed like Sardinian carta di musica with seasonings. Bichi Nebbiolo rosé was delicious.

Octopus tostada with lentils and avocado puree. Great.

Octopus “gordita” wasn’t the fresh-masa item I expected. Great filling, quite different from the tostada.

Beet tacos. Very good, though next time I’d skip in favor of the salad.

Beef “TaCoreans.” More Chinese, really. Beef was really tasty. I was getting pretty bored by the tortillas at this point. I’m used to upscale places making a variety for different dishes.

Bichi Nebbiolo Tinto, one of the best Mexican reds I’ve had. Definitely natty but fruity and delicious.

Pig ears, delicious and crunchy, had to restrain myself to avoid killing what was left of my appetite. Beet salad. More damn blue tortillas.

Pork shank confit, sort of Mexican cassoulet. Awesome. Good thing I saved some appetite.

I thought the espresso was too bitter so I got some milk, then it was excellent.

Total before tip was $2375 MXN / $140 USD. The wines were about half that. Great value and thanks to all who recommended the place.

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Wow, spectacular pictorial report Robert. Thanks so much for this!

Someday I would like to go back and spend a few hours sampling beers across the street, then have a light dinner at VyC.

Uber in Tijuana is absurdly cheap. It was $2 from border to restaurant. Really nice not to have to deal with cash and cab drivers who want to negotiate.

Great tip on the Uber!

Here’s a local SD article on Verde y Crema that may be a little dated, but still some very good background info on the restaurant and chefs…

Verde y Crema: old-school cooking, new-school menu - New Tijuana restaurant respects traditional Baja style of cooking but with a twist

There’s the pork shank confit (shown above) which is very good. There’s also the roasted pork (I forget what it’s called on the menu) which I thought was spectacular.

I go to BCB across the street a lot after visiting Tacos Franc, looks like I need to stop in here first sometime.