Vermin infestation at Canter is Normal/Okay?

I just read a post by a KATHERINE SPIERS on Eater LA : stating that “Vermin are a normal part of restaurants. Employees try to keep critters at bay, but some will literally fall through the cracks. Don’t let it freak you out.”
Perhaps flies in a sandwich, cockroaches in a bowl of ramen or rodent droppings as flavoring for steak sauce are to be expected. Just as another Eater LA poster states that C is for Canter and for Chinese. Needless to say that this poster has some raciest inclinations in his/her comment.
Please also note that Canter’s has tried their best to correct their problem after the health issue shut down and still just pass with a C.

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Since @KatherineSpiers is here, I will let her defend this rather ignorant and gratuitous post.

But, you should know, that @KatherineSpiers is absolutely correct. Vermin are a normal, and expected, part of running a restaurant operation. Just as they are for supermarkets, delicatessens, convenience stores, etc.

This may come as a shock to you, but vermin (and all creatures, little, big, or somewhere in-between) like to eat, and they like to eat comestibles. And what do restaurants have? They have comestibles.

Either a person can get used to this, or not ever eat out, or go grocery shopping, or buy a slupree at 7-Eleven.

And by the way, if you want to have your arguments resonate with any sense of credibility you might want to make sure you have your facts correct. The article you linked is not from Eater LA, but from LA Weekly.

(As to the comment that “this poster has some racist inclinations in his/her comment” I take that to mean you were not intending to direct that at the author of the LA Weekly article, i.e. @KatherineSpiers, and so will not comment on it. Enough bandwidth wasted on this already.


Okay, I admit that I am ignorant of the fact that vermin are a normal and expected part of running restaurants, supermarket, delicatessens and convenience stores etc. Case closed.

I’m confused! What am I defending?

I used to work at a market in a rich, rich area and we had a lot of rats, bummed me out. Made me worry about what was going on in the hood, where there are less resources. :worried: But I will say this, when the infestation becomes known I do not eat at the place, at least keep that shit under wraps.

Pest control is a normal part of running a restaurant. Inadequate pest control is common but that doesn’t make it the norm.

The deli and bakery got A ratings, so somebody there knows what they’re doing.