Vermont Creamery

Visited the source and took the chance to compare these, not sure I’ve seen them all in CA.

fromage blanc: not like the French stuff but delicious, sort of like a smooth, creamy cottage cheese

mascarpone: closer to the Italian stuff than any other American attempt I’ve tried, texture is spot on but the flavor’s missing something

quark: too sour, though maybe similar to too-sour German ones I don’t like

crème fraîche: too sour, too stiff, nothing like the French stuff, unappetizing

Whats your favorite American creme fraiche?

The quark from Vermont has very little to do with German quark (which isn’t sour) - very different flavor and consistency. Vermont Creamery isn’t particularly strong in the fresh cheeses but some of the aged goat cheeses are good

I’ve yet to find one that tastes right.

The Coupole is great.