Vernon Recs?

Just started a new job in Vernon, and have the feeling that there are some hidden gems around here. Anyone have suggestions? So far, I’ve got:

  • Ray’s BBQ
  • In-N-Out (heh)
  • Dino’s Chicken
  • Guajillo
  • Villa Morelliana’s new location

Thanks y’all!

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I’ve been working in Vernon for 15+ years now and you’ve pretty much hit on what we got. I doubt anyone else will chime in because it’s a bit of a wasteland for good eats. There used to be Mike’s Hockey Burger on Soto(RIP) which was an institution, they’re salty pastrami on armenian bread was the shit.

Other than that, you kinda gotta dip into the other surrounding neighborhoods, like Mariscos Jalisco on Olympic, Jade Siam(across from In-n-out), La Casita Mexican, Big Al’s Pizzeria, Fatimas Grill used to be in HP but now over in Downey, etc.

Good luck, let us know if you find something special.

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Lots of cool stuff at El Faro Plaza / the Alameda swap meet, but I think that’s where Moreliana is so you’re probably aware already.

Also had a decent - not outstanding, but interesting - meal at Tacos Y Mezcal in Bell, which is run or opened or somehow affiliated with Rocio Camacho. Maybe a little far afield, but could be doable.

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I think I remember a red leather booth dinner house in the area that could be closed now. Used to have lunch there a really long time ago.

La Villa Basque. It’s closed.

I may. Ecthinking if Dal Rae in Pico Rivera.

FWIW, Joe K’s diner supposedly turns into a music/night club/possible strip club after hours but you didn’t hear it from me.

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Whoa. After years of going to JC Sales across the street, that’s news to me.

If in Vernon, I would just head south a bit to Huntington Park, specifically in/around the intersection of Pacific and Gage, and hit up any number of taco trucks or stands for lunch.

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Actually, now that I think of it. The Tortas Ahogadas Guadalajara are really good, just be advised, spice levels not all created equal.

Yelp spam.

Mariscos Jalisco isn’t too far. Aqui es Texcoco is on the other side of the 5. Both places Id love to be closer to!