Vetri Cucina at the Palms

I’ve enjoyed many of marc vetri’s restaurants including vetri cucina in philly and this version on the 56th floor of the palms was the highlight of the trip. Even though there were some misses i had three of my best bites of the year here.

focaccia, country, olive oil

foie gras pastrami with brioche and mostarda
really unique prep, the foie was peppery but still balanced with the fattiness and sweetness.

sweet onion crepe with white truffle fonduta
highlight of the night 1. the super sweet and concentrated onions, wrapped in a pasta sheet, would have been too sweet on their own but paired with the grated parmesan cheese and white truffle fonduta it was fucking perfect.

fettuccine with pistachio pesto and artichokes
i’m not a fan of pesto but really liked this creamier pistachio pesto, really good.

almond tortellini with truffle butter
the filling was too thick and too nutty. tasted like a savory marzipan.

morel lasagnetta with huckleberry agrodolce
highlight of the night 2. i never had a pasta like this. it was more like a crepe that was creamy, savory, sour, and sweet all at the same time. brilliant.

saffron fusilli with lobster, tomatoes and pernod
this was good, lobster cooked well, but a bit tomato-y.

mesquite grilled seafood misto (lobster, octopus, sea bass, scallops, squid) with lemon and olive oil
least favorite of the night, not very interesting. everything was cooked well except the sea bass was pretty dry.

pistachio flan with milk chocolate gelato
highlight of the night 3. no idea why they call this a flan, it was more like a molten pistacho cake with crispy, chewy, edges and a perfect pistachio cream filling that went perfectly with the chocolate gelato.

i can almost see my diet flying out the window from up here


Vetri Cucina
4321 W Flamingo Rd Fl 56
Las Vegas, NV 89103


I forgot about this one! Next trip to Vegas…looks super yummy. Great review, @PorkyBelly!

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@PorkyBelly would you choose Vetri over Carbone or any other Italian in LV?

@PorkyBelly Was it a competent replacement for the old Alize?

i was thinking about this the other day. i think i was in the same boat as you, i had great meals at carbone and actually had a reservation there before deciding i wanted to try something new and booked vetri. the highs were definitely higher at vetri but carbone was more consistent. vetri felt more like a special occasion place with better service to match than carbone. you can’t go wrong with either, but if you’re looking for something new i would give vetri a try, ask for a table by the window.


never been, but i’m going to say yes.

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