Visiting for a weekend- best Izakaya in NY?

My wife and I are visiting for a weekend and would like to make a reservation or two

at a really good Izakaya. Can you please recommend me some top spots? Maybe one higher-end and

one lower-end spot? Big sake selection is a plus.

I appreciate the help!

Blue Ribbon is the only one I know of that takes reservations.

I like Decibel for low end. And Village Yokocho.

Aburiya Kinnosuke or En Japanese Brasserie for something higher end. Both take reservations.

Sankaku is a new sake bar from the owners of Sushi Azabu. Excellent and very reasonably priced drinking snacks and food.

Hall is a new project from the former chef of Kajitsu. There’s a hidden, res-only kaiseki-style restaurant in the back but the menu at Hall is very well executed: it’s a very tastefull fusion of American and Japanese bar food.

Sakagura has probably one of the best sake lists in the city. Two locations: east village and midtown. I like the food menu in midtown better. They also own Decibel in the east village, a more bar-bones sake bar in a basement. Great atmosphere!

Hope that helps!


If you want sake and izakaya, don’t miss Decibel–even if it is just to stop by for one drink.

Thank you all for the replies and insight!

What about yakitori joints? I’m leaning away from torinshin, I would like to go to a place that reminds me of japan - casual, small, not so expensive, etc. any recs?

Torishin is listed as $$$$, amigo

I know, which is why I said I’m leaning away from it :wink:


Ah, my bad. Misread your post.