Visitor shmisitor

Have you ever had an out-of-town visitor not like an LA restaurant that you love?

That Fish Only thread reminded me of the time I drove my visiting pescatarian friend all the way up to Neptune’s Net for fish tacos, only to have him order a side salad and fries… I would have left him there, but I was too full of fish tacos to drive, so I needed him.

No, I’ve only ever had the opposite happen, where I take people to LA places I consider institutions, and maybe not even that insanely great, and they think it’s some of the best food they’ve ever had. Happens a lot with people from NYC especially I’ve noticed =P

i take out of towners to neptune’s net all the time.
the fish tacos there are horrible.
but i often order them anyway, because the food there isn’t really the point.

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