Viviane at the Avalon Hotel Beverly Hills: A Pictorial Essay

Chef Michael Hung is now showcasing his talents (and lots of pickles) at Viviane.

The decor (by Kelly Wearstler) is mid-century…

Ginger-lime soda…

House-made market pickles…

Pastrami-cured wild salmon tartine with ricotta cheese & spiced pickled squash…

Confit yellowfin tuna sandwich, with wild arugula, tomato & caper aioli, on ciabatta, served with garden salad and house pickle…

Roasted prime ribeye sandwich, with Savoy cabbage slaw, horseradish aioli, on seeded rye, served with fries & garlic aioli…

Riesling poached pear, with almond frangipane & brown butter anglaise…

Great vibe, great food, seasonal ingredients - Another super lunch spot! I wanna come back to try dinner.


Viviane at the Avalon Hotel Beverly Hills
9400 W. Olympic Bl.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


I hope he finds his balance here quicker than he did at Faith & Flower.

ugh. Where did Mirko go!?!

Did he ever find it there?

The food always seemed atrocious there. The drinks somehow not though. One of the most shocking dichotomy in LA.

Wonder how the food is there now… I guess it’s the kind of place where the food doesn’t matter. It’s so beautiful inside, drinks are so good, that it just never mattered.

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FF was pretty mediocre when it first opened. Then it trended downward.

Then I stopped going, despite being conveniently located from me.

Then Hung left.

So, don’t know.

Bread on that tuna looks great.
I don’t like too hard a bread, like a ciabatta, for my fish sandy as the bread tends to pulverize the fish.

What the fuck is a dichotomy???

Get thee to a dictionary, o pithy one…


Sounds like a great fucking ideas if one happened to know what that is or was ???

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Mirko’s at Factory Kitchen and will be chef at Officine BRERA. Mirko’s risotto was the best I’ve ever had at Oliverio.

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I can’t wait for this place to open. Looks like the build out is coming along. Although slowly.


Yeah, eater said they were slated for an early fall debut, which has already passed haha

I secretly hope they put proper Piedmontese plin on their meat-centric menu…

Sadly, I did not enjoy my visit their place the Factory Kitchen when it first opened. Perhaps it has improved and I ought to make a return visit if they are still around, and successful enough to be launching such a project.

Between this place and the forthcoming Colby/Stone collab, we’re all going to die of cancer and/or heart attacks in 2016 it seems.