So there are now TWO Wahlburgers locations in LA- one on Sunset near La Cienega and another near the USC campus. Anyone been?

I looked up the menu on line and the prices are Shake Shack-ish. I don’t know why but I was expecting something more like Habit Burger. If you’ve tried it, was it worth if? I’m not used to paying $9.50 for a basic solo burger anyway, but wouldn’t expect it at what seemed more fast food than sit down.

Only in Manhattan.

I suppose if I fell off of bed and my face landed on one of their burgers, I’d probably take a bite or two, and then crawl back into bed


Empty calories? Surely not…


It’s ‘fine’. I would say better than shake shack, maybe Habit is a good comp - better meat and If you order Mid rare they give it to you that way. Beyond the basic they seem a bit expensive for my taste but service is good and they are clean (WeHo anyways)

Well Habit is less than half the price, so I need to check out Wahlburgers to see how it could be even close to worth it. Being able to get a medium rare burger actually be medium rare is worth a bit and pretty impossible in fast food. On the TV show Wahlburgers is working with something that seems like quick, steam-based sous vide cooking… so maybe that’s how they can do it.

I like Freddy’s Steakburgers, they get a really hard seared crust on their burgers.

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Do you know if this one in Bako is part of the same chain? Haven’t been, haven’t heard good things, just curious


Yeah it is and I have had a nice burger at that location.

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The only Freddy’s I know is in Westlake Village. Is there another closer to LA? Luuuuve Freddy’s.

Not really.


Alas! Plenty in Boise and St. Louis, but that’s a little far to drive for a cheeseburger.

I concur.

I realize there are only two (and New) locations, and that it’s more fun to throw in your own fave, but can anyone get this back on topic with some feedback on how Wahlburgers is or isn’t worth the prices there?

FWIW we tried the Shake Shack at Century City yesterday. First time for us. The burgers were good, with a distinctive ‘grill’ char taste that was obvious, though I have to say I’m not sure why so many stand in line for them in New York.

Prices seemed to be closer to Habit than what I’ve seen for Wahlburgers. Maybe in between? Anyway, my wife felt it was pretty good but that Habit has more healthy options. We don’t have a Shake Shack Ir Wahlburgers down in South OC, and we seldom brave LA traffic, so Habit is the choice for now.

I was at The Habit for the first time in Torrance last week and had a hamburger. I actually ordered the strawberry-blueberry salad, but after tasting my friend’s burger, I went back and got one of my own and ate half right there, then put it in the fridge when I got home and wandered back to the kitchen every hour or so the rest of the day to take a bite.

That’s a good burger! Fresh ingredients and just the right amount of the different components. It tastes like what I imagine hamburgers in the fifties were like.

Closer to you, there’s a Habit in the shopping center on the corner of Sepulveda & National…

That’s Hamburger Habit. I take the teenagers there sometimes on the way home from basketball practice. It’s a completely difference restaurant. Good milkshakes.

My bad. Brain freeze from National Ice Cream Day last weekend lingers…


There’s one on Sepulveda just south of LAX before El Segundo Blvd.

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