Wally's tonight

Really love Wally’s. Have had much of the menu but interested in others favorite dishes.

I still have to get me the fuck down there.

or is it up there ???

Depends on where you are fuckin coming from!

I also haven’t made my way there - and I also want to check out Esters Wine Bar next to Cassia! Kevin, text me!

Wally’s is really good. Great food, service and vibe. Fun place.

Ok. Will do !!!

Had the burger, loved it.

it’s a $40 burger, right ???

Chef David Feau’s truffle pizza is phenomenal there. (Much better than the version before Chef Feau joined Team Wally’s.)

Please describe further.

I shall elaborate. Instead of shaving the truffle onto pizza (the M.O. of most other truffle pizzas), Chef Feau prepares a minced truffle paste with olive oil, and generously spreads (no, shovels) the glorious concoction onto a piping hot flatbread-ish mozzarella pizza. Served with a few sprigs of arugula. It’s outta sight.

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I’m fucking down. If it’s mozzarella as the cheese source.

Thanks boyeeee.

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How much ???

From Wally’s Vinoteca’s online dinner menu:

black truffle purée, mozzarella di buffala, arugula ------------$17
add shaved Australian black winter truffles ---------------------$25

Menu has it listed at $26.

No I think it’s in the mid $20s. Did not go last night too crowded. Tana’s was crowded too. Wound up at the new Palm. It was just ok.