Walnut Creek

Heh all - I’m going to be in the Walnut Creek area for a week next month for work. Looking for great food at casual/hopping places. Prefer a good bar to sit at. A good beer/wine list is a big plus. Looking for steaks, chops, whole fish, pastas, sushi.

Thanks for any help!

It’s pretty suburban and feels very remote from the Bay Area food scene. Teleferic is pretty good though kind of weirdly Americanized. I haven’t been to the WC branch of 54 Mint but the original in SF is great. Residual Sugar is a decent wine bar.

You’d have a lot more interesting choices if you jump on BART and head to Oakland. A Cote, two blocks from the Rockridge station, has an amazing wine list, great by-the-glass program, great food, and comfortable dining at the bar.

Diablo Magazine covers the food scene out there pretty well, or at least used to.


Havana has a nice bar and lively atmosphere. Good tapas, though that might not be what you’re looking for.

Havana tries to pass off Americanized pan-Latin fusion as Cuban.


True. They push mojitos, but I ignored that. And the food is nothing like what my parents had in Cuba, but it’s pleasant enough. I rarely go to Walnut Creek, but had an enjoyable dinner at Havana before a play.

I’d be less annoyed by fake “Cuban” restaurants if we also had real ones. There was one in San Jose but they downsized to a stall in a food court.