Wang Xing Ji Juicy Dumpling is now Long Xing Ji #1 Juicy Dumpling

According to yelp, ownership and name has changed, but everything else remains the same.

Anyone have any additional intel or insight to add?

My guess it’s the EB 5 thing.

JThur01 and I had a Twitter exchange on this. Best guess is that they’ve disafilliated from the Wang Xing Ji chain in China. The signage reference to “since 1913”, the founding date of the parent chain, has been deleted. Menu and food appears unchanged.

I wonder if it’s similar to the Little Fat Lamb Hot Pot chain situation? Where the first couple in the SGV were just impostors / stealing the name of the famous original, only to get sued later?

Who knows what goes on back there. Little Sheep was likely an impostor from the beginning since they were outed by an eagle eyed observer who saw that the corporate website had no US branches. On the other hand I remember reading a quote from one of the Little Sheep operators who said they were affiliated originally, but then had a disagreement with the parent.

please don’t change anything! this place completely replaced DTF for us years ago

What about the recent Brea location? Same thing, or is it still affiliated with the original Chinese company?

Super Juicy Dumplings in Brea never used the Wang Xiang Ji name, or the reference to 1913. Perhaps that was a sign of things to come

I crack up every time I see that name – Super Juicy Dumplings.

Who describes a good dumpling as “juicy”?

Burgers and steak? Sure. Fruit, of course.

But dumplings? That’s like Domino’s changing its name to “Super Juicy Pizza”

It could be worse–they could’ve settled on Souper Juicy Dumplings :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Not sure I’m buying that analogy

how about “moist”?

long xing ji still legit? anyone be knowing?

need something tomorrow on the way to riverside

Food seemed the same to me–I believe the management didn’t change.

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