Wanted: American Cuisine for Discerning Tokyoites Dining on the Westside Thursday

Hi Gang,

I’m playing tour guide to 2 Japanese friends who have a one-night layover in L.A. next month. They would like to try a vibrant, modern restaurant serving American/California cuisine, preferably with nice decor, for dinner. I’d like to keep it on the Westside because their hotel is there, and rush-hour drive can be a turnoff. As one of my friends has dental issues which prevent hard chewing, steakhouses are out. I was thinking Hotel Bel Air, Petrossian (though it’s not necessarily American), Republique, or Redbird (though probably will nix it cuz it’s a tad far). Anything in Santa Monica?

Thanks in advance!

Connie and Ted or Redbird (traffic bearable by 8pm).

Spago? (Haven’t been myself since the remodel)

Rustic Canyon?

Maude or Craft would be my choices

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Maude. Good one. I don’t even bother calling anymore but I’m sure JL can have some poor intern do it…

In addition to accepting reservations by phone, it looks like Maude is also adding the option of making reservations online through the same system as Trois Mec. Starts October 1st at 10am for November’s ingredient of white truffles.

Craft, spago, melisse, scarpetta

Cassia - yeah I know it is Asian-ish but very Am-Calish, as well.
MB Post:Fw/Dynamite (too far?)

Rustic Canyon, MB Post (love MB Post)… Maude (one day I might actually get reservations).

Agree with previous posters - Spago seems to fit the bill. Remodel brings it back to “modern” category, also added bonus of being internationally renowned for bragging rights back in Japan.

Perhaps a stopover at Father’s Office for drinks after dinner, maybe get a burger too while you’re there. Should make for a quintessential Cali/American experience.

I’d avoid French or Italian since they have better options in Tokyo.

Just noticed they even have a “Taste of California” menu and the chef de cuisine is Japanese!

Not in SM but Wally’s in BH is really unique and fun. Very good food, drink, service and vibe.

Thanks for the recommendation. Chef Yahagi at Spago is a formidable chef, but my friends have already dined at Spago in the past.

Totoraku ???

They’re visiting from Japan. Totoraku maybe amazing in L.A., but stuff like that is quite common in Japan.

saddle peak lodge a bit of a schlep but could be fun