Wat Dong Moon Lek - Los Feliz

Sai aaua sausage ($8), very good, nice balance of seasonings, very good quality cabbage. I would have liked some fresh green chiles. I prefer Spicy BBQ’s but this place is a couple of blocks from where I’m staying.

Catfish larb ($12), fantasic dish. I ordered Thai-spicy but to my taste it was pretty mild, added some chile flakes. The server was surprised when I said it wasn’t very spicy to my taste. Spice level aside, this dish is worth a detour.

Wat dong moon lek beef noodles ($4.25 small), rare beef, braised beef, meatball, tripe, tendons and liver with bean sprouts, scallion. Seemed like a Thai riff on pho. It was flagged as spicy on the menu but was completely mild, the server said they used to serve it spicy but stopped because customers would complain it was too spicy. I guess that’s what I get for going to a place with mostly non-Thai customers.

They’ve expanded the menu a bit from what’s on the web:



Just had dinner here Saturday night. Always liked this place.

I’ve always liked this place too. I agree with the OP that the catfish larb is good.