Wat Thai of Los Angeles (North Hollywood): A Pictorial Essay

Near the border of Panorama City and North Hollywood is a large Buddhist complex known as the Wat Thai of Los Angeles. It serves as a community gathering place for many Thai-Americans residing in L.A. I’ve long heard of the good and authentic Thai food being served here, in a street food stall format. No better day than a sweltering weekend to try it out! Let’s go!!!

Communal tables…

Tokens much be purchased to exchange for food at the stalls. Most food/drink items cost between $2 to $5 each…

Hainan chicken rice is LEGIT. I loved it. Great rice, soup, and tender thigh cuts with street soul. Get this. I paired it with a Thai iced tea and grass jelly drink.
(The pork on a stick was also excellent, by the way…)

Street wok…

Pad see ew with beef - This plate was super photogenic, and tasted good (no fireworks, though)…

Fried mussel pancakes - Really nice. All the tastes came together. Fat & juicy mussels, fired just so, with sprouts and a sweet sauce. Lovely.

Live entertainment, too. That lady has lungs!

Dessert time!

Mango with sticky rice - Super ripe and sweet mangoes. Very commonplace, true, but when the mangoes are so perfect, it’s always worth getting!

Sweet egg custard on sticky rice - Good, but I’ve had better.

Thai “halo halo” - Get a spoon or fork for this dessert “beverage”, 'cuz there’a lot of great bites at the bottom of that cup!

Fried banana, fried taro, fried sweet potato - Starchy deliciousness, in case you need it.

Coconut cakes - Hot from the fryer, this stuff is pretty tasty!

A great way to spend an afternoon!


Wat Thai of Los Angeles
8225 Coldwater Canyon Ave.
North Hollywood, CA 91605


How was that grass jelly drink?

Real grass jelly? Or powder? Or, gulp, canned?

Tasted pretty real to me. Me likey.

Was the food all cooked there? The temple near me, most of the food is donated by local restaurants and brought in already cooked.

Nice report @J_L. :slight_smile:

For the Hainan Chicken is there only 1 stall that makes it there? I just want to make sure we aren’t buying from the wrong stall if we show up. :slight_smile: Thanks.

Yessiree. Chef Aon’ stall. He owns a skyscraper in Downtown LA, so I’m sure he sells plenty of that Hainan chicken plate! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good question. I saw about 50% of the stalls with proprietors slaving away over hot stoves/fryers etc., making the fare right there. As for the rest, I could only speculate…

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Sounds great. I’ll have to try it next trip to LA. Looks like a cheap Lyft from the NoHo Metro station.

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For those of you driving: Plenty of street parking on Coldwater, in case the parking lot is full.

Also had a great time!

Very fun experience

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