Wat Thai Temple? (Eater video link)

I know there was a long standing debate about whether the Wat Thai weekend market was back in full swing or not… today’s Eater Dining on a Dime video certainly makes it look VERY open, and pretty much entirely back:

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lots of pics from early 2016 on Yelp, here’s one as late as May 2016.


I was there two months ago. Really fun, good food. I will say though, you will find better thai food in thai town (valley or hollywood) and at some other places. It’s a fun overall experience.


I found, back in the day, that each stall did one or two things well, and lots of other stuff fair to middlin’. (Except for the lady who did the coconut thingys (“kanom krok”?) who did ONLY them, and you had to wait for the next batch, which was totally worth it…)