Waxy corn advice

We’ve gotten a few ears of this in our CSA box the past 2 weeks in a row. We’ve been grilling and slathering with miso butter. Any suggestions if we get it again?

I think what you’re getting is a type of field corn, sometimes also called “dent” or “green” corn here in the U.S.

This type of corn is very typical in Mexico and is used for elotes and esquites. So, you’re on the right track grilling it. You could go the full on Mexican street corn route and slather it with butter, mayo, chile powder (or Tajin) and squeeze lime all over it. Esquites are elotes off the cob, served in a cup with some of the cooking liquid but garnished the same way.

Since field corn has a higher starch content, you can try making Uchepos, which are essentiall fresh corn tamales that you wrap using the fresh corn husks rather than dried ones. I have a pretty decent recipe for fresh corn tamales that I got from a chef in Mexico that is fairly easy to do, it just requires some time and a little bit of patience.