We miss classic French food

help. maybe there’s something I’ve just missed somehow over the years.

been to Taix, Petit Trois, Petit Bistro, Stella, Papilles, L’assiette, bouchon but it’s closing… i’m sure i’m forgetting some .

Can you please think of some more?


Some of the dishes at Spring looked pretty hardcore, that’s why it’s on my list (haven’t made it there yet).

LQ Foodings? or is that not classic enough?


Le Petit Paris and maybe A Food Affair.


Chef Christophe Eme is aiming for exactly that in his new venture, to open later this year. The dude is classically French-trained, and he can cook.

Melisse should be holding down the current French vanguard in L.A., but I have little excitement when I recall my prior experiences there.

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I had a great meal/time at Belle Vie in SM


I might make my way to Oriel this weekend. Been wanting to try them for a while

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Get the Duck in a Jar and the Loup de Mer (great skin).

French onion soup is spot on, except I just don’t like cheese very much.


Côté est is fantastic

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Belle Vie isn’t quite far enough west to be in Santa Monica. :wink:

And I love Belle Vie, but does it serve classic French food?

Marvin on Beverly. Not fully classic (they serve cheeseburgers) but they have a lot of the hits (like buttered radishes).

Oh yes of course. LQ is amazing, but no, I’m talking about pavette du veau, pate, bouillabaisse… in FULL PLATE presentation :slight_smile:

Thank you for Le Petit Paris, I forgot i needed to go there. This is why i asked. A food affair was pretty weak if i’m honest.

Thank you so much, this is great

oh right! and now you can go to highland park brewing while you’re at it

This is great… and closest… going tonight, thanks

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YES. That’s where we live. Sad Wilde is gone but this is a big upgrade

Belle Vie http://www.bellevierestaurant.com
Le Petit Cafe http://www.lepetitcafebonjour.com

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haven’t been, but new-ish in Siera Madre, Faubourg http://www.dinefaubourg.com

Very casual, and not great for dinner, but La Dijonaise in the Helms Bakery complex is great for breakfast & lunch. Their soupe a l’oignon is solid. And it’s across from the new Pasta Sisters everyone’s so excited about… It sounds not “Full plate” enough for your request though.

In that case, head to the Valley (Sherman Oaks). Fancier and great for dinner, Mistral is expensive, but very good.