Welcome to Food Talk Central

I’m setting up this site as an alternative to Chowhound. If you’re interested, click Sign Up.—Robert Lauriston


Hello. Thanks for setting this up. I’m just replying so I can get a sense of what posts on the board look like.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for setting this up! :slight_smile: Hopefully this turns out to gain enough traction, getting SF / LA Hounds over, and others from around the world.

Before it gets too big, for ease of Google Search and branding… should you change this “site” name to be something other than “Discourse”? Maybe “Chow Discourse”? Or?


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I have found you!
Hi and thanks!

Last week I wrote I or someone could set up a free forum/message
board for the WFD refugees but it got deleted, along with all the
replies to that post.

Edit: Deleted the previous reply because I meant to post it here.

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Thanks for the add and for your efforts.

Hello everyone!!

Thanks for setting this up!

thanks. i was going to reply to a post of yours concerning how CH would address missing tags - but they deleted it.

just so you know, as a former data quality guy i suggested that when users suggest new tags, they also define how to identify all previous posts that should also be tagged as a one time data scrub that would be executed at the time the new tag is approved. i further suggested that all tag submissions go on their own new board that hounds could browse and comment on, using the initial suggestion as a straw man. any additional suggestions getting a certain number of ‘likes’ would be folded into and or override the initial submission.

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Thank you for doing this!

Thanks for setting this up!

Looks like the masthead got changed to “Food Talk Central” (I think it’s a better search engine source than the previous “Discourse”). Thanks!

I’m gradually doing all the basic move-in housekeeping tasks. I should customize the welcome email, FAQ, and terms of service.

Discourse’s out-of-the-box experience is pretty damned good, which I guess is not surprising given the founders’ background creating Stack Exchange.

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Thanks Robert, appreciate your efforts!

Thank you, thank you & thank you. A recent LA escapee….

currently, the WFD refugees have found a cozy corner right here:

we’re up to 76 members in just under 2 weeks :slight_smile:


Thanks for taking this on, Robert! Is it your thinking that there will be a “left coast” dominance, or do you envision other regional boards being established as well? And in what ways do you think it will be different from eGullet?

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Robert, thank you for inviting me to join you and for all your efforts to make this happen.
This looks very promising!

Thank you for doing this! The site looks great, I can’t wait to read, learn, and contribute here.

There’s no particular reason this board should have a West Coast focus. It’s just happenstance that I’m from SF and the LA board is the first one to reach escape velocity.

I don’t know enough about eGullet to have an opinion except that when I’m looking for some really esoteric or geeky information about food I often find it there.

Thanks for setting up this site, Robert.

Hi, this looks great. Nice and simple. Thanks for setting this up!