Werewolf in San Diego

Anyone been?
Intrigued it was Yelps #1 search. .
Looks fantastic!


Went a couple of times and had really good bar food and drinks, great service. Not what I would think of as ummm Chow-worthy though. Also, the vibe is quite Gaslamp-y and that area we usually avoid.

Krispy…my man!
First of all, when you state ‘really good bar food and drinks’ that IS Chow-Worthy…whatcha you talkin’ about Willis?
BFD, if it’s in Gaslamp…go where there is good food.
OK, I’m stepping off my soap box…

It’s just skanky.

With a capital S K A N K and Y.

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Yo Chica!

Werewolf isn’t about farm to table, buzzwordy status stuff, none of that. My stream of conscious comparison would be if The Waterfront hired DJs and opened a Gaslamp Bar to do pub food at the quality of I don’t know Neighborhood, Waypoint, Urban Solace or something. I need to go back to do an unHazy report

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Skanky. . .place just elevated it’s status!

Waterfront with DJ Sumirock would be perfect!


Eh, it’s not skanky it’s a bar. Delishious Bloody Mary with bacon. Not a place for pretentious foodies tho.

Usually I stick to martini’s, cocktail-wise, but just when I thought I’d heard of everything imaginable in a Bloody Mary – now bacon? Actually, it sounds pretty good…

Of course, a Bloody Mary is just a tomato-based drink, so anything that goes with tomatoes might work. Next up, maybe, a pasta version? Or grilled steak chunks?

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Who you calling a pretentious foodie?