Westside to WeHo - Wedding Dinner for Nine

Stumped as to where to hold our wedding dinner. We’re getting married at the Beverly Hills courthouse on a Wednesday afternoon later this month, and then off to an early dinner with the parents and siblings and our 18 month old son.

We’ve considered Fig, Michael’s, Spago, Gracias Madre, and Tavern but none of those feel quite right.

Would like a roof top, outdoor space, or indoor that has lots of light and windows that has tucked away or semi-private area.

Price point closer to $$$ than $$$$.

Any and all types of food with average sized dishes, my father will lose his shit if he gets a small serving of anything. You know the type:)

AOC? Bouchon? One of the Ivys (expensive, yes, but it is your wedding day and your dad will be happy with the portion size)?


This has Fundamental LA’s new venture written all over it. (Warning: I do not know the pricing here, but it will prolly be cheaper than a comparable meal at Hotel Bel-Air, which was my initial thought.)


Il Cielo is great for an event like this

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I also do not know the cost, but UCLA has a contract w/ them, so I imagine that there must be relatively reasonable buffet options (so OP’s father should be satisfied… :slight_smile: ). I also agree that, based on location and website description, it would seem to meet the OP’s requirements quite nicely.

Also, Il Pastaio has a lovely, new private room a just north of the main restaurant on Canon. I just went to a wonderful private bday dinner there. Great food and atmo.
As J_L says


Hi @CiaoBob,

It’s funny, I’ve never tried Il Pastaio even though I pass through the area quite a bit. How’s the regular dinner there? Thanks.


Atrium at Spago.

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It’s not any more (or less) expensive than Il Cielo.

A few more options for you: The Roof Garden at the Peninsula, Penthouse at the Huntley in Santa Monica, the patio at The Ponte, the patio at Lucques.

AOC patio
The Ponte patio
Rooftop Penninsula

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It had been far too long since I ate there for me to comment fairly. When I dine on that corner it is at e. baldi. I can tell you e. baldi is utterly fantastic.


I think Ill Pastaio is one of the best of the Dragos. That said, e Baldi is probably better but seems tight for 9.

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I was not suggesting it for the OP. I was suggesting it for @Chowseeker1999 .
I, for one, would love to see e baldi get the @Chowseeker1999 Super Essayist Words and Images Treatment.


Hi @Chowseeker1999 -

[quote=“Chowseeker1999, post:7, topic:5870”]
I’ve never tried Il Pastaio
[/quote]I had one of the greatest fish dishes ever at Il Pastaio. It was a while ago and I can’t remember exact fish (white) - perfectly seared with crispy edges, succulent on the inside, perfectly emulsified lemon sauce and topped with warm, sweet, burst in your mouth cherry tomatoes and I think a few baby patty pans (squash) :hugging:… Oh sorry, I left my body for a moment… what is the topic again? Oh yes… wedding supper.

Congratulations @HolySchnikes! There are some really good recs on this thread.

P.S. We almost got married at B.H. Courthouse, but ended up at a magistrate’s house close by. She’s still in business, has a cool house and will work on short notice. But she’s like a speakeasy - B.H. Court clerks will tell you about her, but only if you ask. You already have plans - but in case you’re up to changing, it’s more romantic than the court “chapel”.

:heart: :wedding: :heart:

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[quote=“ipsedixit, post:10, topic:5870”]
It’s not any more (or less) expensive than Il Cielo.
[/quote]Il Cielo is lovely and OP’s dad will appreciate portion sizes. But food is way better at Spago.

[quote=“TheCookie, post:16, topic:5870”]
greatest fish dishes ever at Il Pastaio.
[/quote]Oh yeah, my memory is coming back. It also came with these tiny, new potatoes - crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside. At a glance, this dish would seem fairly prosaic, but it was executed deliciously perfect.

Okay, carry on…

True Il Cielo story:

I was a guest at a patio party there (I think we were celebrating someone’s promotion or what not) back in the way early 2000s. Anyways, we were in work attire (that day I was wearing a suit but it was a hot summer day, so I put the jacket away and just had a white dress shirt on while dining). Towards the end of the meal, a server who was clearing dishes spilled a significant amount of bolognese sauce on my back. I did not complain at first because the sauce was not hot by then, and the impact was slight, leading me to believe it was only a drop or so. But when I went to the lavatory, there was a HUGE tomato stain down my back. I then privately confronted the server about it away from my party (it was a celebration after all, and I didn’t want a spectacle). Dude then had the audacity to say, “You came to the restaurant looking this way.”

Haven’t gone back to Il Cielo since then. Granted, the people involved there have probably all moved on by now, but still I remain somewhat irrational in my dislike of the place…


What the heck! That’s a Seinfeld episode. I actually don’t think you’re alone in your weird experience there. And your dislike isn’t irrational. That was cray cray.

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