Westwood area sushi - <$100 per person

Any recommendations for good but not too expensive mid week sushi around Westwood? Can accommodate mixed audience - hardcore vs entry level.

My usual suspects are out of the budget. Takao perhaps?

Takao, Hamasaku, Echigo.

Depending on the size of the party, Sushi Masu might fit the bill.

Thanks for the quick reply T3t and PGC.

Between masu, takao and Hamasaku, which would be more conducive for business dinner?

Hamasaku is classy, quiet, intimate, and fairly large.

Never been to the other two, but I don’t think Masu would be good for a business dinner. It’s a small neighborhood joint, and the seating is pretty limited (and spaced pretty closely together).

I personally LOVE Echigo. It’s quiet and casual and a small group won’t have any problem conversing, and you can easily get out for under $100/person. I’ve done omakase (no booze) and gotten out for about $50/ea.

Wadatsumi by Harikawa
yes, they are known (or, unfortunately not as well-known as they should be) for other things but their sushi is always top notch and less expensive than most.

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Shhh. CiaoBob. Don’t be outing our little secret there. :smile:
Yeah, I like Harikawa. Their delicious shari is made from a high-pressure kamado. The menu accommodates for non-sushi eaters as well (wagyu hitsumabushi, anyone?). AND seating there can be large-party friendly as well.

Hamasaku is another good bet for a business dinner.

Masu, Echigo exude more of a neighborhood joint vibe. (Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing). But the food is not so great at these 2 places, so I wouldn’t pick those for business gatherings.

Takao is good too, but sometimes it might end up being a tad more than a Benjamin per person.

Another pick might be Hide (on Sawtelle)? Or Hiko (on National)? But the seating at Hiko might be a tad odd…

respectfully disagree with this idea.
imho,sushi masu is a nice enough neighborhood sushi bar but nothing more.

what kind of ambiance do you 'need?"

how formal does the restaurant need to be?
how decent does the service need to be?
how pretty do the surroundings need to be?
how firm is the budget?
does your $100 number include beverages, alcohol, tax, tip?

I don’t disagree w/ this assertion. OP said that the group includes some novices. I wouldn’t recommend Masu to an experienced sushi eater, but I think it’d be very accessible for a novice (while still being acceptable to an experienced eater, IMHO).

However, I def wouldn’t choose it for a business meeting (which the OP hadn’t originally listed as part of the criteria).

I didn’t try the sushi at Wadatsumi, but the restaurant itself is great for a business meeting, IMO (if the casual and playful raucous environment would be okay for the meeting).

Thanks for all the suggestions! I think we’re leaning towards Takao or Hamasaku.

Few thoughts on the other recommendations:

  • Echigo - too many misses last few visits
  • Hiko - Sushi nazi, did not want to risk any awkward situations. Great for anyone seeking to relive Nozawa experience in a setting with better lighting.
  • Wadatsumi - sounds interesting, will have to check it out some other time.

Thanks again FTC’ers for coming through on short notice. :clap:

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Sorry no pics.

Hamasaku was terrific, exceeded my expectations! Nice room, good service, diverse well executed Cali/Ameri style izakaya menu - something for everyone. Sashimi and sushi fish quality was very strong.

I need to return soon for a dedicated omakase session.


For a good time, sit in front of Yoya-san.

Will make sure I specify when I make my reservations.

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If you sit in front of Yoya at Hamasaku, you’ll have a really solid omakase for well under $100 nearby Westwood.

The chef at Hiko is such a nazi but I kind of love it. Last visit there wasn’t great but other visits were fantastic.

Yay! So glad it worked out!

FTCers for the win : )

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Sushi Sushi in BH is very good.