Westwood -- Bollywood Indian Restaurant

The thread about Westwood lunches close to UCLA reminded me that I have never tried this place. It went into the space long held by Thai House, which was one of my go-to places in Westwood Village for an inexpensive but civilized meal, a couple years ago or so.

Anybody been here? Any really good dishes? Anyone tried the lunch buffet?

I’m not big into lentils, most stews, or paneer. I like chicken and lamb dishes, grilled meats, pakoras, naan, and enjoy spicy food. What other Indian places in the West L.A. area would you recommend, especially for a solo, inexpensive lunch? Please specify favorite dishes that might be available as part of a lunch combo or buffet.


Is Bollywood Cafe the only Indian restaurant in the Village? If so, I went there once for an office lunch and didn’t particularly enjoy it. I remember the colors (of the food) and the flavors being garish and, well, cheap.

I like Jaipur (next to the Westside Pavilion) and All India Cafe better. Jaipur does a lunch buffet, but my preference is actually for the stuff you’re not looking for. Pretty sure they have a lamb rogongosh dish for the lunch buffet (at least, on the weekend).

At All India Cafe, partner and I like the tandori platter app and anything w/ the masala sauce (or whatever the yellow, cream-based sauce is).

I don’t often get pakoras, and my fav are at Streets in India in Encino (which I imagine is too far). If you’re in the area for lunch, though, they’re well worth a try. Love the tandori chicken there.

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Is this Bollywood Bites across from Whole Foods? If so, it’s… okay. I haven’t tried the lunch buffet, but I have ordered takeout/delivery from there a couple of times. It was fine but nothing special imo.

I’m not really a lunch buffet guy, but I do love the Dahi Chicken lunch specials at Chutney’s on Pico. I also like Jaipur on Pico, though, again, I haven’t tried the buffet. Note: there’s free parking for three hours in the Westside Pavillion lot next door to Jaipur.