WFD #1 - The First FTC Edition

What’s cooking in your kitchen tonight? Is it still nice enough to throw some random things on the grill, or are you in braising mode already?

Share your meals with the rest of us :slight_smile:


As for me, last night was a rather summery meal of lovely choriatiki with local tomatoes, Persian cukes, red & green peppers, red onion & TJ’s Greek feta. The main attraction were delicious brats with cheddar and jalapeño, courtesy of DiBruno’s in Philly.

Tonight is up in the air - we’re invited over to our friends’ house for dinner & a movie (or two), and will likely order take-out or delivery.


Last night, a pork roast from this weekend needed to be used up, so I went back to the recipe I used a week or so ago for pork stir-fry. Instead of green beans and carrots, I used broccoli and red bell pepper. And instead of peanuts (which I didn’t have) I used cashews (more than you get in restaurants because…well, because I can!). Otherwise, the soy sauce, honey, garlic, ginger and pepper flakes (I used Aleppo) sauce remained the same. And served on basmati rice.

Hellz yeah. There was wine. It was virtual Friday, after all. Not that the day of the week ever stopped me.

Tonight is tapas and sangria.


Tomorrow is paella! One of my favorites!

We are having company with kids, so it will be a chicken and sausage paella this time but still one of my favorites. And I think it is a perfect “sunny but cool” type of dish. We will see if the kids go for it, hope so.


pork confited in goose fat for nine months, homemade sauerkraut, homemade lacto-pickled ripe jalapeño relish, and fresh-cooked TortillaLand tortillas from Costco


The Trini-Chinese chicken that linguafood introduced so many of us to.

We use all wings. Crazy good. Side dishes. Who knows? Salad and pasta maybe.

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Hi lingua,

Beautiful salad! Thanks for sharing. :smile:

oh man, pork confit in goose fat? Looks luscious and delicious!

I agree with the above. Those tomatoes look fantastic.

OT but we grill in the snow :slight_smile:

Salad and pasta it was. PIkawicca mentioned that she uses smoked tomato in place of bacon in cooking so I chopped one up and sauteed in garlic infused oo. Added some capers. Served over linguini with Parm. Tasty easy dinner.

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Those tortillas are so good, aren’t they?

Great photo, I could eat it right off the screen! Looks like a really cool and refreshing salad. What is choriatiki? That’s a new one for me. Thx

DD - thanks! Choriatiki is the Greek name for what we know as Greek salad: cukes, tomatoes, feta, green peppers (I added red peppers for a change), red onion and usually olives, but I didn’t have any & didn’t really miss them.

Simply dressed with TJ’s Greek Kalamata olive oil, s&p, oregano. It’s simple and all about the quality of the ingredients - summer tomatoes are a must.

I also briefly pickled the onion in RWV to take some of the bite out, as my man isn’t too fond of raw onion in general.

Thank you for the explanation. In any language, your salad looked great :grin:

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Do you know how hard it is to mix a meat loaf mix with one hand? Yeah, it’s not easy.

Very late dinner tonight due to the unexpected medical appts. and then my insistence on apple picking today, considering I expect to have to deal with more medical appts. tomorrow. (Better not be during the Pats/Jacksonville game!)

Ground beef, ground pork, an egg, caramelized onions and garlic, fresh breadcrumbs, some Penzeys Old World seasoning, and dried parsley were all mixed together (one-handed) and free-formed in a baking pan sprayed with cooking spray. Baked at 350°F for about an hour.

Baby potatoes were boiled, broccoli was steamed, and wine was poured. A quick gravy, and it was dinner.


Just got home from the local lobster festival. Ate way too much. a couple whole lobsters (1.25lbs each, loaded with eggs), fried potatoes, coleslaw, lobster quesadilla, grilled corn, hawaiian rolls to sop up the tamale, Italian sausages w/ onions & peppers, caramel funnel cake, all washed down with blueberry lemonade. In about an hour or so I’m heading out for some ice cream. :smile:


Nice to see you all again here! Greetings from Albania!

I recently ate a sheep’s head. When in Albania do as Albanians do…


(Can only add 1 pic at a time)

However, Albanians eat sheep’s heads with their bare hands. I had no trouble extracting the bits with my knife and fork.


I’ve had pig’s head but not goat! Looks great.

I’ve not had a problem with multiple pix. I just used the upload feature multiple times.