What are the Places You’ll Eat at first Post-COVID Lockdown?

I’m with @ebethsdad: home with friends and family I can’t see or be with right now.

Many hugs, lots of laughter, a tear or two - no idea what we’ll eat, but we’ll break the proverbial bread and appreciate the togetherness.


@cjla, excellent post. The places you wrote about are the places I love and miss most about LA. :heart:


You will see me at Dan Tanas


The lounge at work, where I plan to give hugs and handshakes for a job well done.


That dried up hot dog spinning on the rottesssre with a soda. Sitting in a movie theater, while asking me if this seat is taken .


Water Grill in Santa Monica. Sitting at a front table, people watching Ocean Avenue, with a basket of those warm crusty gruyere onion rolls. Followed by the traditional lobster roll with the clam chowder.


In general: my favorite Hong Kong cafe’s, izakaya, Cantonese (seafood, family style, stir fry, dim sum), noods of all sorts (broth on the side, lo mein, pho), raw oyster bar, French bistro

SoCal when able to visit again: returning to all my favorites plus places I have yet to go and try. Langer’s, Konbi, Santa Monica Farmers Market, Felix, Petit Trois, Venice Ramen, Hakata Izakaya Hero with all my drinking buddies (extra large pours for you guys!) and Fukuoka sake, Sergio’s group dinner with a magnum bottle of Den Sake Brewery and heck I’ll bring down Sequoia Sake as well if I can muster it (or whatever other bottle of magnum nama sake I can get my hands on), Shibumi at the bar, LA tacos, that Cha Oc deli in Westminster, the Chiu Chow dishes at Seafood Village/Seafood Palace (whatever it is called these days), Dan Tana’s for that Italian American goodness, Connie & Ted’s, Thai noodles (Jade and Boat), and further exploring of the sake scene and wine shops!


It’ll be either Jun Won or Pailin on day 1 and the other on day 2


I’ll head to the local dive bar to have a drink with friends. Oh yeah I will order a bag of Dorritos.


They don’t even have doritos where you are?!?! Truly these are the end times



I basically had this conversation with my doctor this week, actually.


There are Doritos behind the bar . Well maybe I might change my mind and have a bag of Lays . If I’m going really strong . Fritos of course.


Bottlefish in Brentwood. Have been craving delicious fresh fish and great cocktails

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pho hai phong?

The pho ga of my post quarantine dreams will be HP Pho Ga Bac Ninh. I went once and it was great. There were a few items on the chalkboard specials board also translated into English. Thank you thank you! I have a shellfish allergy that is easily manageable but really like to manage it myself, and not attempt to communicate “shellfish allergy” to every server in the SGV. Anyway, the chalkboard special was also great.

Hat tip to this thread

Maybe I should try to get something to-go? I prefer eating in restaurants over take out, but would like to share some of my moderate paycheck while it lasts.


Went to Young Dong for the first time since I wrote this post almost a year ago.

Lots of changes mostly for the worse but assume these are temporary changes due to covid. They are using a lot of plastic and styrofoam containers even for indoor dining. The biggest issue is that there is no more hot stone rice and no nurungji. The 2nd biggest issue is using plastic spoons for boiling hot soup. If you bring your own metal chopsticks and spoons this isn’t an issue but I’m sure we’re a very tiny minority of people who travel with metal chopsticks and spoons in the glove compartment.

The food itself was still delicious as ever.


Similar experience w/ Colapasta in Santa Monica. Food is on compostable plates, and utensils are disposable. I think they changed the lasagna recipe during the pandemic, and the previously incredibly thin pasta sheets have become thicker (and I think there’s now more obvious bechmel, whereas b/f it “looked” dry but tasted anything but). Lasagna is still good, but it was kind of breathtaking b/f.

Food otherwise seems unchanged, and it’s still well worth a visit. But eating on disposable plates does feel… odd.

What did you get there their gganpong chicken my favorite in LA

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this on the menu at the Diamond Bar Young Dong. We usually get the combos with the kalbi or yellow croaker and the tonkatsu.

Sorry I got the restaurants confused I meant young king in Koreatown korean Chinese food.


Sorry for the mix up

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