In Search of Light, Delectable Chicken Pho Noodle Soup - A Pho Ga Journey



Thanks for reporting back, and great pics too!

Now I want some chicken pho…

That’s great FTC’ing. Reminds me of exilekiss of old…

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Great roundup!

Love the pictures and detailed review.

What’s the next topic? :wink:

Could it be?

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Thanks @theoffalo, @Porthos . It was thanks to your rec and others that helped me find these places. :slightly_smiling:

JL, I only follow in the footsteps of people like you, ek and others. It was thanks to all of you that I started learning about good places to eat. I figured I should pay it forward and try and share what I ate in case others might find something useful. :slightly_smiling: One day I’ll be able to hit up Tempura Endo thanks to your great report.


Apologies @J_L @Porthos. I freely admit to stealing ek’s formatting from our old board. :frowning: I thought it was a nice format (restaurant name, report, then address) because I found it useful to track down restaurants.

I’ll reformat my reports to not plagiarize. Sorry about that. I feel bad about this; I think I’ll just excuse myself from the board.

Great review. Btw you should ask for offal if you want it, even if they don’t offer - I have vivid memories of my dad doing this all the time.

I guess I’m gonna have to eat some pho ga with my parents next time I’m down.

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@Chowseeker1999 please don’t stop!

You misunderstood. EK’s reports were invaluable and enjoyed by all.

I for one find your reports on that level of great.

Please continue and use whatever format you wish! It’s reports and enthusiasm like yours that makes these boards a joy to read. It’s what the OG CH was supposed to be.

@matthewkang give @Chowseeker1999 a freelance job already!



He’s definitely on that track but the photography needs to be better. As a rule, try to take photos from overhead or from a 90 degree angle. Taking from eye level just looks…boring.

Great report! While I miss the scale of Chowhounds, I am headed to Baltimore in April and would love some recent reports on what is great there (my daughter’s birthday), the quality of this type of report is not to be found there anymore. Thank you!

Like Porthos said: Please continue!

I mentioned EK only because you evoked the overall feeling of his wonderful posts. It was meant as pure compliment.

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Wouldn’t every photo taken from only overhead or 90 degrees be by definition boring? Sometimes that eye level shot gives the best overall impression of a dish regarding depth and size.

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Great report! I’m craving some pho ga right now :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re ever up north, Oakland has a few decent pho ga joints. Good hot breakfast option whenever I have an early flight enroute to the city.

Agree - If you have a nice lens with decent bokeh, eye level (or just a bit above it) is one of the best ways to photograph nigiri. Example (from akami at Shunji last week):

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always great to have some sort of codification; that’s a LOT of carbs. Quick question to OP (and all): is there discernible difference between OG PGBN (on New Ave) than the new PGBN (on Mission)? I’m selfishly asking because 1 is a lot closer than the other and I haven’t gone to the new one.

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Maybe, but if you want style, it’s better to show a POV that’s NOT going to be the one that you’ll have while you’re eating it. Flip through an issue of F&W or Bon Appetit and tell me how many shots are eye level or a 45 degree angle.

This is probably close to a 90 degree angle, which is what I was referring to. “eye level” is 45 degrees, as if you were looking at the plate or dish from where you’re sitting

That said, I think there are definitely exceptions, like this photo: Eater LA on Instagram: "Tagliatelle with pork ragu, speck, cabbage, and caraway seeds at @bestiadtla. đź“· by @mattatouille. Hashtag #eaterla and we'll regram our fav food pics"