What Are You Baking (November 2015)

Hi All Bakaholics,

I really enjoy Buttertart’s monthly baking thread on that other site, so let’s have it here too. Please tell us what you’ve baked, what you’d like to bake, what tips you have and what advise you need. Pictures and recipes/links to recipes are appreciated. Sorry, I don’t take pictures of my food.

I’m so happy it’s finally cool enough to bake in L.A.

So far in November, I’ve baked Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk cookies from Smitten Kitchen and Banana Poppy Seed Muffins with Almond Streusel from Technicolor Kitchen. Both came out very good. The links to the recipes are below.

This is the first time I’ve chopped chocolate for chocolate chip cookies instead of using chips. I liked it because of the variety of sizes. I’m one of those people who likes different bites of a dish to taste different. I’m also a big fan of salty and sweet together.

I’m fond of poppy seeds. I’ve never had them paired with banana before. They play nicely in the sandbox together.

bumping an old thread and happy to move this to something more current if there’s a more recent baking thread?

My house has been loving this one bowl chocolate molasses cake from NYT.

Baked it twice in 10 days

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