What could possibly fill the space that Callender's Grill on Wilshire has vacated

I’ve been fond of the place for 13 years, working across the street. Countless happy hours happened there early on. Ate there a bunch of times but obviously quickly started to avoid their stale food.

But I’ve been thinking since their closing (it was doom for them ever since food trucks showed up and finally the increase in lease killed them off), who could possibly take that lease on and actually succeed?

It’s an fun exercise and I honestly can’t think of anything or anyone that could take over a space this large, in an area that basically gets no dinner business, no foot traffic after lunch. It would have to be something so amazing that it would be a destination. But it’s too big for just one restaurant, so maybe a marketplace type of a setup?

An Eataly would do well there but they already have one and it’s too small for them.

I think it remains vacant until the landlord remodels it and breaks it up. Thoughts?

Stinking Rose Steakhouse Experience


Stinking Joke - no hay Sergio

Not in that location, but read about Eleven City Diner opening up on 5400 Wilshire Blvd later this month. Don’t know much about the place other than it’s from Chicago.

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Seems someone is crazy/stupid enough because the for lease sign is gone.

People are pretty happy with Eleven City. I’ll try it next month.

We enjoyed it! Well priced and the items were well prepared. There were some marks that were missed, like the Chicken Soup needs some herbage (Dill) and I wish the Latkes were as munchy as the ones as the hashbrowns at Castells (especially in their famous Roast Beef). And for some reason their Turkey Club didn’t have bacon?!? We are in the area often and can’t wait for their to go window. Going to hit them up for Breakfast next…



How about a Grimaldi’s Pizza. Seems the right size space?
After all El Segundo is pretty far away…

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Cool, I’ll try to check it out also sometime. Looking forward to the report.

Pretty good first visit! Great tasting pastrami (they’re making it) though lots of gristle.

Love the atmosphere


Looks promising.

Speaking of pastrami, it’s been a while since I’ve been to Golden State, but their special on Thursday is the Collusion Burger which is a Golden State burger topped with Ugly Drum pastrami. Hmm…

Parking garage .

I drove past there a couple days ago and saw the former parking area, both the open-air portion and the garage structure, are being razed.

They’re putting up a huge residential building. I go by daily.

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Are the former Callender’s and adjacent restaurants all now vacant and being demolished? Or is the razing just what was the parking area (Curson St.)?

I believe that Callender’s is the only vacant restaurant in that stretch. The Counter, Baja Fresh and Starbucks are busy all day long…

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I can now see why, then, that Callender’s closed: its parking had been sold for redevelopment.

I’ll miss it in its own way: had many pleasant lunch meetings there. I used to work right across the street at 5700 Wilshire. BTW, inside 5700 is a German cultural entity called The Goethe Institute, which has screenings of Germany games during the soccer World Cup. They set up a whole theater room for it. I’ve checked it out, but there wasn’t really any ethnic food with it, so I didn’t go back or post about it.


I work in the 5700 bldg (actually today is our last day there—we’re moving tomorrow to WLA.) The sales team @ the company I work for said the same thing about having nice lunch meetings over there. I didn’t know about the Goethe Institute—too bad I’m on deadline today or I would check it out.

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Yes. I’m still at 5700 (been 13 years). Yes it’s only the parking lot that’s being developed.

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What the hell? Say hi before you leave. Come up to 4th floor, north side

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