What do you make in your braiser?

Just won a 3.5 qt Le Creuset braiser at work. Husband doesn’t eat beef or pork which is limiting. Those are the only meats I fond worthy of braising. Any ideas?

Rabbit .

well, rabbit is fine but not with the mostly vegetarian people in my house. Chicken?

Go to the Williams Sonoma website and look up the reviews on your new braiser. Will give you an idea for recipe searches. Ratatouille, chicken dishes, use as mini-griddle, etc.


Chicken is the same as rabbit . It’s meat .

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Cast iron, stainless steel, or nonstick?

Its a Le Creuset, so it’s enamel coated cast iron

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Le Creuset makes three kinds of braisers.


yes, that’s the one i have. just looking for recipes.

Heavy enameled cast iron is good for anything you want to cook low and slow: beans, minestrone, ratatouille, 40-clove-of-garlic chicken, chile verde, Marcella Hazan’s stracotto or pork braised in milk.

That shallow shape doesn’t make much sense to me for cast iron, personally I’d see if I could trade it in for a Dutch oven. I have seven of various sizes and use them for everything that’s not cooked hot and fast. They’re good for gently reheating leftovers as well and they hold their heat at the table longer than other pots.

I wish I could exchange it but unfortunately, I won the darn thing. so it’s me and the 3.5 qt braiser. i’m going to make some braised orange chicken with olives.

Do you eat lamb?

I really love braised lamb shank and it is quite easy to make.

Also, octopus is another great braising protein.