What do you so with seasoned pollack entrails?

This was next to the banchan and I read only the green label. No idea what to do with it.

This looks fully prepared, ready to eat as banchan. Would also go well with drinks. I feel like I’ve seen a dollop of something similar on top of a bowl of cold noodles, but my wife is pretty sure that must have been a Japanese dish.

If you want to look up more info, this is Changnan Jeot, which is a kind of Jeotgal (seasoned/fermented seafood). The most common kind of Jeotgal you find around here would be Ojingeo Jeot (squid), lots of recipes for that online.

Thanks. It’s really chewy / crunchy, way more so than aquid.

Depends on the texture but you can also add to gyeran jjim. It adds some nice salinity so cut back on the salt. The eggs and green onion are a nice combo.