What farmers markets have discounts before they close?

I know the larchmont one used to. If so, what time does this start? The last hour, half-hour or what? I want to go to the larchmont one, the Wellington Square one and the culver city Tuesday night. What about the Hollywood one? I think it’s Sunday too.


Hi @Luluthemagnificent,

I don’t know if there’s any “official” discount that’s carried market-wide, but definitely the Hollywood Farmer’s Market has had quite a few individual farmers / stalls selling at discount during their last hour in the past.

Ditto what @Chowseeker1999 says.

None that I know if have any real formal discounts or close outs.

But come near closing time it’s always good to bargain, and be nice about it.

This line usually works for me, especially with perishables (fruits, veggies, etc):

“You can sell it to me now for half price, or load it back on your truck and do what knows what with it. Lose lose.”

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Pretty sure I’ve seen this happen at the Brentwood Farmer’s market. I think maybe somewhere around noon or 1PM?

Individual vendors set their own prices and often offer deals when they’ve sold most of their stuff and want to pack up. The time when you’ll find discounts is also the time when you might not find specific things you want.

I’ve never encountered an official or market-wide discount.

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They’d rather make something, than nothing, and not have to pack up - usually the last hour or 30 minutes.

“You can sell it to me now for half price, or load it back on your truck and do what knows what with it. Lose lose.”

what is the success rate of this method as opposed to the “give me that stuff cheaper or the puppy gets it!” i
sometimes try?

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They didn’t have what I was looking for. cilantro, limes, onions. They were offering discounts but it sucked. May have to go to a bigger market like hollywood.

As @robert stated, what you find on-sale at the end of a Farmer’s Market may not what you’re looking for. It’s like shopping at the sales rack at a clothing store. If you’re looking for something specific (and will be disappointed if you don’t find it), it’s actually not something I would try…

Ever try feeding a dog limp Kohlrabi? Or wilted broccoli rabe? A crateful at a time?

Hate to be one tasked with walking, and curbing, that puppy.

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i make puppies clean up after themselves or

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There were vendors at our local ones that did it a lot before. They’re all sort of getting away from the practice because it encourages people to wait to the end and I guess they think they’re not selling as much earlier.

This was my biggest come-up. Was like $2 but I was tight with that Mung farmer

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