What is a French steakhouse?

I just heard about a new French steakhouse in the works here in Westchester County, N.Y. What is a French steakhouse, as opposed to a typical American steakhouse, or Italian steakhouse? How do they differ? Are there any where you are?

I would expect steak-frites like you’d get at a steak place in Paris.



I miss L’Assiette. :cry:


I would think a French steakhouse would be more about the sauces applied to the steak, like bearnaise or peppercorn. Not so much about the grade of beef itself…

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I think more about the fries than anything else. Not a huge American steak but should be flavorful.

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Never having been to any of the famed Le Relais de l’Entrecôte locations, I had high hopes for L’Assiette. I liked the service and format (steak frites with sauce, half of your meal served first; then the other half served hot after) and the sorrel soup was interesting. However, the sauce, which was said to be the star of the show at the original restaurants, I found to be so-so and not at all distinctive, let alone “addictive”. The steak itself seemed to have that “sous-vide, then grilled” odd mushy texture, and was flavorless without the sauce. Disappointing overall. Just my opinion.

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