What is OOE?

I see the acronym OOE in multiple postings but have no clue as to what it stands for. I therefore searched for the OOE acronyms on the web and found OOE - What does OOE stand for? The Free Dictionary
which list the followings :

Acronym Definition
OOE Out of Energy
OOE Offshore Operations Engineer (oil and gas production)
OOE Out of Order Execution
OOE Order of Ecclesia
OOE Open of Escrow
OOE Out-of-Order Execution
OOE Out of Eden (band)
OOE Obligatory Office Equipment
OOE Other Operating Expense
OOE Out of Expectation (chemical-analytical results)
OOE Online Order Entry
OOE Office of Organizational Effectiveness
OOE Order of Entropy (gaming clan)
OOE Object-Oriented Encapsulation
OOE Out-Of-Elliptic
OOE Order of the Elites (gaming clan)
OOE Overall Operation Efficiency
Now I need someone to tell me what OOE means in Food Talk.
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It means one of each. I blame @PorkyBelly for the confusion.

One of Everything

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I blame canada


Thanks for the info. Now, is OOE tasting menu different from regular tasting menu? Also is OOE Omakase different from regular Omakase?

yes OOE omakase you are asking for one of every neta at the sushi-ya. that isn’t always what happens (nor should it)

OOE tasting menu means if there are 12 options available and you manage to order them all. It may be more useful or helpful to refer to @PorkyBelly or @moonboy403 posts titled OOE to get a more clear picture.

You can’t really order an “OOE omakase”, it subtly works something along these lines:

  • Diner sits down at the counter - “I’ll have the omakase”

  • Chef at the end of regular omakase… “that is the end of the omakase, would you like to add anything else?” Customer responds "Yes I would like to add… "

  • 1 hour later and after X number of additional courses … Customer says “What else do you recommend?” Chef responds - “Nothing, I served you everything we have for tonite”… Customer blushes and sheepishly replies “OK, can I have the check please?”

I’ve noticed a number of sushi restaurants starting to offer “premium” omakase. Although honestly I don’t recommend ordering this for any place you haven’t previously dined at. It may end up being a long, miserable and expensive night… recent personal experience.


Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Are you willing to divulge if this was at Inn Ann or some other LA place…?


Omakase Overeater Excessive


ROFLMAO :rofl:

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Also known as

Go Pig, Or Go Home