What is up with photos?

Every time I upload over one photo there is a 50% chance that the upload craps out been going on for awhile

Happens for me when the files are too big and it seems to time out

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I’m just posting from my iPhone most time are those files too big?

Ya. Upload them 1-2 at a time and it’ll work fine


there is usually an option to resize photo’s before you upload them. Click on ‘options’ after you’ve selected your photos then resize (in this case medium)

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Take the time to shrink them to a smaller resolution, and usually the software plays nice.

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If you’re trying to upload more that five files at a time and not getting an error message that five is the limit, that’s a bug and I should report it to Discourse.

It should not be necessary to resize before uploading.

we’ve only had this problem when we have a slow internet connection (e.g., cellular). the software should be robust enough to account for a slow internet connection instead of timing out. but it’s free so who am i to complain?

no. the error is when you upload 4-5 pictures at a time of a larger size, it error outs as a cannot complete. But it usually happens on mobile. Wonder if it has to do with idling out on your phone. On desktop I never have the issue (I just tested upload 40mb files, I deleted so it doesn’t mess with your storage!)

I almost exclusively post on mobile because all my photos are taken from phone.

Whether it’s wifi or data seems to crap over 50% of the time with +2 photos.

I think something happened with the last update wasn’t a problem a couple months prior

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This brings up an old but nagging issue for me.

I wish I could find out how to have my Android photo roll photos to upload directly into FTC. Alas, this luddite still doesn’t know how to do that #GetOffMyPorchLOL

My current workaround: I upload to FTC by emailing my mobile photos, then hopping into my desktop PC to downloady email, and then upload these photos onto FTC. Too laborious, IMHO. I would appreciate some tech advice on how to upload Android photo roll photos onto FTC without having to use a PC…

On my Android phone, there’s a photo upload button at the bottom right below the text field.

I use this button

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