What is your usual In-N-Out order?

Just curious…

For me its a Double Double with chopped chiles and onions 3 way. Animal style fries, well done. Arnold Palmer to drink (or a shake once in awhile).

Also with so many combinations of ordering a burger it’s cool to hear other ideas.


What are onions 3 ways? Raw, grilled and whole grilled?

My regular order is double double with grilled onions and pickles. I don’t like tomatoes and lettuce on my burger. No sauce needed. Chili on the side.

Cheese fries well done. If I’m being aggressive at the Fullerton In n Out on Chapman order In n Out. Run across the street to McDs to grab fries. Run back and get burger. Timing usually works out well. People stare while I eat my double double with McD fries. Not sure if it’s out of jealousy or what.


Double-double animal style, add raw onion, fries well, chiles and spread on the side, and a coke.
Use the ramekin chiles come in for the spread to minimize loss and add a little spice.
Some locations definitely a lot better about making the fries well done.
Favorites are the one at the 2 and 134, at the end of the grapevine, and the corporate restaurant in Baldwin Park.


Double Double Animal Style extra grilled onions (Sometimes whole grilled added to that) and chopped chiles.


Cheeseburger fresh onion AND

Cheeseburger Animal Style extra grilled onions and chopped chiles.

EXTRA well done fries (I tell them I want them like potato stix)

My favorite, though I do it rarely, is a 3 x 3 the same way as the double double!


2X cheeseburger w/onion 2 ways
Or cheeseburger + animal fries.


Oh snap I should have searched for a existing thread

Can never have too many In-N-Out threads.

We have like 40 for pastrami and 18 for pizza.


double double or 3x2, animal style, both types of onions, x toast bun, fries well. chocolate strawberry shake, 2 packets of spread, xl lemonade.


It feels like 50 threads for sushi and 100 threads for Cantonese lately. Not that I’m complaining.

Somebody please explain the onions 3 ways.

I’ve also done a spicy chicken sandwich with extra pickles + sweet tea at Chik Fil A and a Double double across the way. The Tustin marketplace is ideal for this.


Double double whole grilled + regular grilled onions, mustard fried with chopped chili’s

With well done fries + Neapolitan large shake


Whole grilled onion
Grilled (diced)
Whole raw

Also I love that you went across the street for McD fries lol


Wow that sounds good

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I just can’t with their burger anymore… tastes funny to me. So when I want to join the team, I do whole grilled onion, cheese, animal style. Then animal style fries with double cheese This is why half the office thinks I’m vegetarian…



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Double single
Extra lettuce
Extra tomato
Whole grilled onions
Extra toasted bun

Neo shake



Flying Dutchman x4


Animal style burger (sometime con queso, other times sin queso), toasty bun
Extra Thousand Island burger spread #GetSpread
BYO fried egg (when I remember)
Double-fried fries
BYO truffle oil for fries (I don’t wanna hear it - I has the opulence)
BYO Mexican Coke (Cola-Cola, that is…)
Vanilla shake medium, but in a large cup, then add…
BYO Sunkist orange and make it an orange shake (sometime Dole pineapple juice, if I miss Hawaiian vibes)
And… if it’s raining, a free hot cocoa for the kiddo.


Two double-doubles, everything on it including onions two ways (I’m going to try 3 ways now, since I love onions on my burger), add chopped yellow chiles. A soda as a treat. This has been my standard order for years.

I’ve tried their fries in every possible permutations for years and decided a while back it’s not worth the calories for me. I’d rather have two double doubles and call it a day.

@js76wisco I love your McD fries approach. I used to live near an In N Out that was in the same center as a McD. I’d get my In N Out and go through the McD drive through just for the fries.

Sidenote, Tommy’s, my other SoCal burger icon love, my standard order there is a double chili cheeseburger, no pickle or tomato. Chili cheese fries.

  • Cheeseburger with whole grilled onion protein style (They really do such a good job with this - lettuce is cold and wraps the burger real well - the contrast always makes me think of the McDLT)

And either

  • Fries well done with spread on the side
  • Float with Diet Coke

(I love both but try to avoid a carb coma)

Once in a while if I manage to remember, I do a BYO Avocado. @J_L how do you manage a BYO fried egg? :rofl: