What kind of cheese is this?

any good? What does it taste like? What’s the best way to eat it? I’m hoping it’s more mozzarella, than goat cheese.

Boschetto al tartufo. Mild blend of cow’s and sheep’s milk with white truffle. Eat it with crusty bread or toast and a glass of red wine.

Thank you! can I put it in a dish? or it’s best with toast and wine?

What are those specs in it?

Truffle shavings. Reportedly makes a good grilled cheese sandwich. You don’t want to cook it as you’d lose some of the truffle flavor.

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I think @robert said above those are truffle flecks. Why not taste it and decide. To me, it looks melty, so maybe grilled cheese if you don’t want to eat it plain?

If you do grilled cheese, I recommend open-faced, to maximize the truffle aroma.

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Agree! Little baguette slices in a toaster oven works. :slight_smile:

OK, will try it, Grill cheese sounds great!