What on earth happened to the main page?

Since I’m not on the LA board and I’m not that regular a poster, the new format just blew the site for me :frowning:

There’s been no change. What’s the URL of where you see something different?


Discourse just reformatted it.

Now you have the various regions and boards on the left, and the latest posts from the entire sit on the right.

I don’t know how you were viewing it before, but simply go to your preferred board, or view (i.e. Latest) or whatever, and then bookmark that page, instead of the “main” page of the site.

I guess this is the best I can do.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Odd, looks the same to me.

Yeah, threw me off too! Looks off to me.

The way I always viewed it before, it didn’t have the number of unread posts next to each city region. In addition, the right columns displayed the last 3 or 4 post titles made within the larger region. If that makes any sense.

What I’m seeing now.

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Also noticing a red line now in the Los Angeles Board.
Any idea what this is for?

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I also see that on the main page. It doesn’t matter that much to me I always click onto the latest to view . That looks the same .

Oh, no problem here either. It doesn’t take away from the site, for me. Just a bit thrown.
I thought I would elaborate more on what maybe catholiver was reporting.

Out of curiosity I took a look at Hungry Onion. It hasn’t changed.

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Looks like they did a bunch of customization. This site is pretty much the defaults. I intend to brand it one of these days.

As an Non-So-Cal-er, that configuration is good for me. I understand that an LA-based site then what’s happening now is what works. But I’m disinclined to participate for that reason. The HO setup encourages everyone to participate…or so it seems.

This site’s design isn’t LA-centric, that’s just where most of the traffic is.

The organization of the two sites is not very different.


robert, I totally understand that. It’s just that when the right side of the main page is almost always all :slight_smile: LA with a smattering of San Diego it ‘feels’ that way. I’m guessing that anyone stumbling upon the site would think that. My two cents only.

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Oh, good point. I’ll see if that could be changed to something else.

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How do you like it now? You might have to refresh the page to see the change.

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Looks good

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