What pepperoni are you putting on your pizza

Gotta be something better than hormel.

I shop at Ralphs. I’m a simpleton.

Boar’s head, the natural casing sticks. I get them all the time.

Someone has to know one that will form the delicious grease chalices, though.


Believe or not… there was a Pepperoni Shortage of even Hormel at the start of the pandemic…

Anyway, I like the one from Trader Joes or the homel pepperoni minis are actually really good… they crisp up more than their regular stuff…

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I second the tjs pepporoni I believe it’s nitrate free also. Very salty and meaty and melts well on the pizzas I use it often with the tjs take home pizza dough.


I don’t put pepperoni on our pizza.

Hobbs’s is my favorite. I like MIlan Salami Co.'s as well.




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Thank you Catherine. That was a very useful post.


Oh, I guess I should have written “none” since she asks what do I put on my pizza. I think pepperoni is boring.

Maybe you haven’t met the right pepperoni.


Perhaps it’s the size of a ‘slice.’ I use sausage (no casings) so lots of nibbles all over the pizza.

They are not nitrate free but the source of the nitrate is “natural” (don’t fall for the cheap PR)


Celery juice is not just for your cleanse!

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sit this one out then.


Thx for clearing that up!

Its not on their instock list this week but Epicurus Gourmet has been carrying an excellent brand of artisan pepperoni. Like the Boar’s Head it has a casing so you get the wonderful pepperoni cups. I am going there Friday so I will ask Hilary when they are getting it back. They have also been carrying both buffalo mozzarella and much better than supermarket semi dry mozzarella.
Here is what it looks like when cooked;