What restaurants serve grass-fed beef?

My friend is now on a diet requiring only grass-fed meat and wild, fresh caught fish. Who is serving grass fed beef? Not butchers, but restaurants. Thank you!

Can’t live just on burgers but i might try with Hi Ho in Santa Monica. Belcampo is another one -they own the ranch as well I believe.

Serious question how does your body know if the fish is wild caught or raised in a pen in the middle of the ocean?

like for example: http://www.bofish.com/ or Our Commitment - Ōra King


Belcampo has a restaurant in Santa Monica and a takeout spot in West Hollywood. They own and run their own farms and (last I checked) source only grass-fed beef.


Belcampo is vertically integrated: they have their own ranch, processing facility, and butcher shop / restaurants. The whole point of the company is to develop a business model for raising and selling beef in a sustainable, ecologically-sound, humane manner. It’s all grass-fed.

For the record, nutritionally (as opposed to politically or ethically) there’s no reason to prefer grass-fed beef. It’s slightly leaner and has a slightly higher ratio of unsaturated to saturated fat, but you could accomplish the same thing by choosing leaner cuts and/or eating slightly less of it.

Beef contains an insignificant amount of omega-3, so any health claims re the higher percentage in grass-fed beef are just marketing bullshit. You want omega-3, eat fish or nuts.


Restaurants that serve grass-fed beef often say so on the menu.


What? Why does it matter to your friend’s diet if an animal ate grass or corn?

It’s a common rule in fad diets.


For some, it’s a sustainability/water usage/carbon footprint issue.

For others, it may be from concerns of animal welfare (free-graze versus penned animals, for example).

For others, it may simply be that taste of grass-fed and corn-fed beef are different. Different marbling/fat content, etc.


aah… do grass fed steer drink less water because of the grass water content?

i do hope OP’s friend is an environmental activist and not like multiple friends of mine who enjoy following the teachings of colorful pseudo-science publications

doesn’t really matter to me obviously… a fun thing to have though about … beats work


The opening post says, “My friend is now on a diet requiring only grass-fed meat and wild, fresh caught fish.”

Some variations of the “paleo” diet call for those.

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My understanding is that it takes a lot more water to grow the corn feed when compared with the grass in the bucolic pasture.




who’s got the most reasonable prices for wild caught fresh fish?

Connie & Ted’s might be the most affordable place you can trust to describe their fish accurately.


no. to buy raw so I can cook.

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Community seafood at the Santa Monica Farmers market (Wednesday) I don’t know if there prices are the best but you are supporting local boats. Santa Monica Seafood has a Storefront as well

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Fish prices at WF aren’t the worst theyr’e supposed to be following some kind of labeling standard?

Go to the foreigners (Olive in the valley is where i went)

Nobody is net trolling Lake Sevan


If you don’t mind driving down to Newport Pearson’s Port, https://pearsonsport.com/, is incredible. Mrs. Pearson runs the shop while Mr. Pearson takes the boat out and catches fish and shellfish. It doesn’t get any fresher. Probably only a special occasion resource, but oh so good. Really great people.

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Don’t know her diet but trying to honor her request. While my understanding is a superficial understanding, grass fed cows are typically pastured, rather than how corn/grain fed are typically raised indoors and in pens. Similar to how humans physiology is influenced by diet and exercise, the physiology and ultimately taste is similarly influenced. The degree to which this is beneficial in any way, I do not know! I do know that 100% grass fed dairy is definitely a different taste experience which is richer and I prefer it.

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Robert, Thx for all your responses here and this list. Turns out I eat at Sunnin frequently and never knew they were grass-fed!
p.s. @ [aaqjr], HiHo is my favorite burger these days!