What’s a good move before the Shrine?

Delicious and fun please. Ktown maybe. Or something along the 10

If it ain’t Holbox you’re doing it wrong :triumph:. That obviously doesn’t include booze though, which could be a bummer.

Pro-tip: My move is to park on Hope Street and then walk under the 110. That area is stupidly well lit and there are security guards bc it surrounds USC-owned stuff. I do that whenever I go to Galen, which is often.


Poncho’s Tlayudas
El Colmao
Park’s BBQ
Jang Choong Dong


Does it need to include drinks? Because I agree Holbox Holbox Holbox if alcohol is not required.

Otherwise I’ll have to think of ktwon recs


Looks like Revolutionario only does catering these days

Or maybe out of business. Last Instagram and Facebook posts were a year ago.

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Of course I know about Holbox… i like Chichen Itza equally.
But it’s party night, not hanging out at a food court.

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Go pocha - pojangmacha Korean drinking establishment with Korean style bar eats

Here’s looking at you - fun new age Korean/Asian influenced restaurant in ktown great food and drinks

Parks bbq- kbbq they take reservations

Cassells burgers /Normandie club- get a great burger/patty melt, beer and fries. Then have a cocktail or do the whiskey tasting room in back next door

Voodoo vin- small bites and large natural wine selection a bit north in Virgil village off 101

The prince- crispy fried chicken and other Korean influences eats and 1950s red leather bar vibe

Guelaguetza - oaxacan food, full bar and usually live music

El cholo- food not so great but old school texmex

Tokki- new age pojangmacha w/ good drinks I’ve never been but friends liked it


thanks! That’s my old hood so lots of familiar options but a couple of great new recs. cheers!

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